Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Night Update

As I posted this morning, Briley's ANC went up to 140!  However, the fever has returned tonight.  Her temp is 101.5  The oncologist said that they wanted to see her ANC trend upward before they will release her.  She'll have another cbc in the morning so we are praying that it will be higher.  If it's still on the rise on Friday morning, she may be discharged back home!  
The doc said that she would be discharged home and not to the Ronald Mcdonald House!  That's good, so I checked out of the house today so another family will be able to stay there.  It's always full and we are lucky to get a room.
We found a wheelchair to use until Briley's comes in!  So thank you Terri!  
Briley's day has been kinda mixed.  She's been doing good for most of the day with periods of pain in between.  Her lortab is doing her wonders and she's pretty dang funny after taking it!  
I now remember how sad of a floor this is after seeing the kids and meeting a couple of families up here.  I had the pleasure of meeting the family of a teenage girl who was diagnosed with leukemia 6 days ago.  It breaks my heart for them, but I hope that I was able to encourage them a little bit.  
We had a couple of guest today.  Thanks Bill Myers & Brandi Bell for stopping by!  Bill was kind enough to run to target with me and I was happy to give him a ride back to his car since he parked in the wrong parking garage a long ways away.  Brandi brought us a good home cooked meal and we can't wait to start digging in!  Anything other than hospital food is a big blessing in itself!
Alicia is holding up pretty good.  That's been a blessing also.  I know things are being taken care of back home and thank y'all for that.  Thank you everyone and keep praying!


  1. Happy to hear good news! And so happy people are taking care of y'all (homecooked meal - yay!) while you're there. I know you are ready to be home. We miss y'all!

  2. Have you noticed there's one goober that comments just about every single time you write, even when no one else does? hahahaha! Don't want y'all to run out of things to do and not have msgs to read! lol!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!