Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back from Briley's Wish Trip!

We got back from a fun filled week in Florida this past Saturday!  It was an awesome trip and we all had a blast.  I can't say enough good things about Give Kids the World and Make A Wish.

 On our way to DFW.  We are excited!

We caught a Rangers game before heading to the motel. 

Our hotel at the airport.  The kids loved standing on the balcony watching the planes takeoff.  We would soon be on one to Florida early the next morning!

This was our villa at GKTW for the week!  We stayed here and traveled to the theme parks during the day!

Donald Duck showed up at GKTW the first morning!

So did Mickey Mouse!

After meeting Donald and Mickey at GKTW, it was off to Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

We walked up to a show at the Castle!

First ride of the week, a spin in the tea cups!

We ran into Andy and Jesse!  Bryson loved it!  

Back to the village after a long day at Disney World.  We found the village Mayor and his wife!

The next day, we went to Universal Studios!

The Cat-in-the-Hat and company!

Briley's favorite ride!  It was an elevated train  with no ups or downs.  She was terrified of roller coasters, so we didn't do many rides.

 Dolphins at Sea World!

Briley and Bryson even got to feed the dolphins!

Briley's favorite show, Shamu!

Yes folks, Bryson is sitting on a real gator!

Briley wouldn't sit on it, but got close enough for a picture!

They loved Gatorland!

A family pic with a gator and yes, that is a real snake around Bryson's neck!

Once a week, it Christmas at GKTW!

The pool at the village.  Since Friday was Briley's birthday, she got to choose what to do during the day.  So we swam all day!

Briley having Birthday supper with the princesses at the village!

Ms. Mary stopped by to tuck us in during our last night before departing the next morning.

Give Kids the World is wonderful!  Only wish kids and their immediate families are allowed to stay there.  The village is a resort on it own with a ton of stuff to do!  They provided the housing, meals, park passes, and plenty of activities!  Most of the staff is consisted of volunteers.  We would love to go back one day and volunteer!  Everyone is very nice and will go out of their way to entertain the kids!

We appreciate Make-A-Wish for giving us the opportunity to make Briley's wish come true!