Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Update

I don't have much to update, other than good news!  Briley finally got out of the wheelchair around midnight last night!  She felt very good sitting in that dang wheelchair for that long, it was a big step forward!  We transferred her over to the bed, and she wanted to watch Cars, again.  Finally about 1:30, I turned off the tv and we both slept very good.  She did wake up around 3:00 with pain & discomfort, so she pressed the pain button and that's been the last time it's been used up to this point!  
We slept the rest of the night up until about 8:30 this morning.  We both woke up and Briley has been feeling great.  She sat up in bed by herself for the first time!  She's been coloring all morning.  Ate a little bit of cereal, and is now talking on the phone with Alicia.  She has not complained of any pain other than a wrinkled sheet underneath her foot.  
The surgeon came in earlier and said things are progressing nicely.  They will take out the foley cath at some point.  So we have to learn how to use a bed pan.  Her fever is also gone this morning!  That is huge!   She will be here another 2-3 days depending on fever & ANC.  We will be doing a few transfers over to the wheel chair today and her continuous pain meds will be stopped.  
Her ANC dropped again.  Now it's 180, so she's still neutropenic.  Her hemoglobin & platelets are doing very good!  
Gloria's funeral is today.  Alicia has actually seemed fairly upbeat about things.  Her and Jessica found a bible verse out of the blue that Gloria had written down.  The verse fitted Gloria perfectly and that one verse has helped Alicia & Jessica cope with her passing.  
Alicia, Mom, & Bryson will come back Cooks this afternoon after the funeral and lunch.  Briley is ready to see her momma!  


  1. Kelsie schiesslerMay 14, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    Yay I'm so happy for you both that she's had a good night and morning thus far! Praying that everything continues to progress nicely and for peace for everyone on this hard day! Thanks for the updates John!

  2. I am so glad to hear that Briley had a great night and is making such wonderful progress. I just made it home from Gloria's funeral....YOU have a beautiful wife who is UNIMAGINABLY strong and FAITHFUL! Her faith amazes me. I didn't know Gloria well, but it is obvious from the wonderful things that I have heard about her that Alicia is her daughter, following in her footsteps! Such inspirational women!

  3. Audra is exactly right! Alicia and all of the family were doing really well, all things considered. Alicia said, "My mom's in paradise. How can I deny her that?" She is AMAZING! I know you being in FW rather than at the funeral was hard on you, but you gave a huge amount of comfort to both of your girls by doing that! I'm so happy Briley is progressing nicely. We are all ready to do anything we can to help y'all in any way (omg I will even COOK if you want!), so let us. (I say "all" meaning the entire town of Seymour and half the facebook world that doesn't even know you!!!) And we'll take care of Trina, too, so she can be a help to y'all! Keep being strong, you're doing great!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!