Friday, May 11, 2012

Evening Update

I'm laying here in the Ronald McDonald house knowing that we all need sleep.  I got about 30 minutes worth last night and Alicia had none.  I am blessed to have Bryson sleeping with me tonight!  Alicia stayed with Briley in the hospital room. I hope they both have a good nights rest.  I finally had my first bite to eat in over 24 hours!
Briley hurt bad today.  She cried about her legs.  She would grimace as she slept.  She can't move, she's stuck in one position.  Her legs definitely can't move.  She doesn't move her arms since she has IV's in both elbow creases.  She has on that stupid neck brace that needs to come off.  It's got to be miserable laying in one position all day & all night.  
The braces will be on her legs for 5-6 weeks.  That means no walking, no baths, no nothing. The first thing Briley told me when I got on the scene, "Daddy, I can't move my legs"!  
We are very thankful that she will be able to walk when this is over! 
Alicia is not doing so great with the passing of her mom.  It's unthinkable the things that she saw and the feeling of helplessness.  
I don't even know what to tell her.  
Once again, Cooks is an awesome place.  We've had some of the oncology nurses, doctors, and child life specialist come by today.  A long time medic that now works in the ER came by and talked to me privately about the call and he gave me tons of support.   First time I've ever met the guy! Even the doctor that put in her port came by to check on her!
Each day for Briley will get better.  There will be less pain.  Eventually she will be able to sit up in bed.  I still don't know how long she will be in-patient.  We hope to get a ballpark discharge day figured out tomorrow.  
Gloria's funeral will be on Monday.  Bed time.


  1. Praying for His Love to wrap around each of you hurting in pain and give you peace and rest. Keep listening and holding Alicia. She needs you as you need her.
    Gary and Jeanne' Snyder

  2. John, there are no words except my heart aches for your family. I will pray for God to continue to provide y'alls every need.

  3. My heart hurts soooo much for all of you.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!