Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update

Briley is still fast asleep.  I just talked to the nurse about her blood count.  Her hemoglobin & platelets are holding up well, but her ANC dropped, again.  It is now 40.  It's definitely past the point of were any infection, even a common cold, would be critical.  So it sounds like she will be transferred down to the oncology floor at some point today.  We will feel much better being down there.
Briley woke up in about 1:30 this morning having a crying, screaming fit.  I think she may had a terrible nightmare.  It took us a long while to get her settled back down.  She was so upset that she vomited.  Mom also said Bryson jump out of bed a couple of nights ago crying and scared.  She said he was scared of the truck.  
We talk so much about Briley and tend to push Bryson to the side.  He is a little warrior himself that has been through a lot also.  His world has been turned upside down again.  He cried for his momma last night.  After Briley was diagnosed with leukemia, Bryson didn't get to see her for nearly a month.  When he did finally get to see her, he held onto her for hours.  He used to love to spend the nights at the grandparents, but since then, he cries to come home.  He's been afraid that we would be away from him for a long time.  Here we are again.  He can't come down here with her ANC so low.  So if anyone knows of something fun he can do with other kids his age, please contact mom.  He needs to get out and play with friends.  
Moving Briley around or even letting her use the bathroom is pretty much a 2 person job. She's been using the bedpan.  I have to put one arm underneath her legs for support, the other arm around her back as she puts her arms around my neck.  I can then lift her up as one unit and move her where she needs to go.  If she's using the bedpan, I lift her up as the nurse or Alicia wipes her bottom.  It's been a chore just to do simple task.  Her legs hurt anytime that we move her.  She loves sitting in the wheelchair, but refuses to move to it because of the pain involved during the move.  This will hopefully get better in time.  
Her leg braces will some off at some point after follow-up X-rays determine that they can do so.  That would make a world of difference.  
At some point today, I will try to figure out how to post the news stories onto the blog for those of you without Facebook.  Or you can simply visit www.kfdx.com and look for the two stories.  We thank them for being such great supporters, not only for us, but for all of the towns in the area.  
We ask that you please pray for Briley's ANC to recover.  It must recover and she must stop running a fever before she can go home.  Most kids would have already been home, or would be going home today.  Her Leukemia situation will delay us from coming home.  We'll get there eventually.  
Oh-yeah, this blog has been read over 7,200 times since the accident!  We appreciate everyone!


  1. We will come up with something for Bryson to do and get that boy busy and tired! =)

  2. Lynann I am not sure if anything can make that boy tired!! Kenneth nicknamed him the "energizer bunny!" But John I don't have your moms number but Bryson is more than welcome to come over and play! We saw how good him and Khloe got along!!

  3. It breaks my heart that the kids are having nightmares! I hope that these will be very short-term. We would LOVE to have Bryson!
    Take care and lots of love & prayers!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!