Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Midday Update

Things are progressing nicely.  A lot has happened since my last report this morning.  One of the oncologist docs stopped in for a visit and said that it's not uncommon for chemo to be withheld for one reason or another.  He was not worried in the least bit about relapse!!!!  He also said that Briley should be able to stay on the research trial!!!!!!  That is wonderful news.  He de-accessed her
It's possible that Briley's broken bones were partly caused from the high doses of steroids that's she has been on for the leukemia.  The steroids weaken the bones.  There's no way of knowing how much of a factor the steroids played in the fractures.  
The neck collar is off!!!!  They also gave her a gel pillow.  Those two things alone has made her feel so much better!   She is now sitting in a wheel chair!  Physical Therapy has already came in and started working with her.  Her hemoglobin is still border line, so if it drops a little, she will get a blood transfusion.  
She sat in the wheel chair for about an hour without complaining of pain, so that was great!   Now we need to get her to eat.  Once she starts eating good, they will take her off the continuous pain drip.  
We have lots of guest right now and I'll update more later.



  2. Thank God for working so quick! I'm praying for Alicia and you to have strength for your kids and comfort for Briley.
    Angela Snyder

  3. Sounds like some of your prayers are being answered. I don't know ya'll personally but ya'lls story breaks my heart. I can't imagine what ya'll are going through. I'm praying for your family!

    Lindsey Hale
    Seymour, Tx

  4. So good to hear good news on Briley~bless her heart! She is such a little trooper, and Alicia, you are such an inspiration to so many with your faith in what all you have been through. Will continue to be lifting you all in prayer. Gave your info to my Mom and sister in Altus today and they are adding your family to their prayer lists at their churches and we will be adding you all to our prayer list at Calvary.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!