Friday, May 11, 2012

Briley is Out of Surgery

First off, I am sorry for not returning Facebook message & text messages.  It's been busy for us and we've been swamped with phone calls, messages and such.  We appreciate everyone's concerns and prayers.  Over 800 people have read this blog today!  I will continue to update her condition on the blog.
I personally have not had a chance to talk with the doctor since we got to Cooks later today and I missed the doc after surgery since I was checking in at the Ronald McDonald House.  
Briley's surgery went very well.  Rods were placed in both femurs.  Her right femur should do very well with the rod.  Since her left femur is broke more upwards, there was just enough bone to screw in the rod.  The doctor will keep a close watch on that leg.  
The good news is, she is not in a cast!  She does have braces to keep her legs immobilized.  She also has on a c-collar (neck brace)  They will not take it off until she is about to be off of pain medication for a few hours so she can tell the doctor if her neck hurts or not.  This may be tomorrow, or she may have to wear it for a month.
She is in a lot of pain.  Serious pain.  She is continually on pain meds through her IV and has a button to push if she needs more pain meds.  
Sitting in this hospital room is all to familiar.  We have no idea as of right now when she will be discharged.  It's day to day.  We are in room 4309.  
She is sleeping now after getting an extra dose of pain meds. Bryson, mom, and I will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) tonight and in the coming days.  
Bryson is doing great!  We miss Nana.   I'll try to post more later tonight.


  1. So glad she made it through the surgery. Praying for all of you. Sending our love your way.
    Debbie Howard

  2. Alicia and John you have been on our minds and in our prayers all day today. People from all over are praying for Briley and for your family! I know you have such a strong faith and will rely on our Lord Jesus Christ to get you through this. Alicia, you know I love ya and can't begin to feel your pain right now. Just remember you are being lifted up by many!
    "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13
    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

  3. Thank you for the updates, John. I feel so helpless here--wanting to do something, but not knowing what to do except pray. My heart hurts so bad for all of you. Please let us know what we can do for you.

  4. John, I'm glad you're updating. We have tried not to drive y'all crazy today, but it feels like all we did was spend the day just waiting for the next text to hear the latest. And praying. We've done alot of that today, too. We will do anything to help in any way. Our hearts are just breaking for y'all. Thankful for Briley's rods and braces rather than casts. Keep us posted. Love y'all.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!