Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Update

Well, it's just me & Briley sitting in the hospital room.  All is quite.  Alicia rode back to Seymour with Mom, Dad, & Bryson so that she can attend the prayer service for Gloria.  
Briley's counts continue to drop.  She finished getting a platelet transfusion a while ago and is now getting a blood transfusion.  Her ANC also dropped to 280.  The trauma & oncology doctors do not seemed to be worried about the count drops, so we'll try our best not to let it bug us as much.  Like the trauma doc told us, our mindset is in the cancer world, but it is actually the trauma causing these drops since Briley had such serious injuries.  Her fever remains constant also.  
She is not receiving pain meds while she is getting the blood transfusion.  The transfusion will take 3 hours to run, so if she can make it through the duration without pain meds, that would be a big step forward!  So far, so good.  I haven't heard her complain about pain while she's been laying in bed.  Only time she has complained was when we moved her to the wheel chair & back.
She has ate more today and drank lots of liquid.  Her urine isn't as dark as it has previously been.  
Tomorrow will be a big day as we have numerous events happening.  We will have to order a wheel chair.  We will also have to order a specialized car seat.  We'll get our vehicle situation figured out eventually, but first thing first.
I was very humbled earlier today.  A group of Fort Worth/Irving firemen that works part time in the ER came up and payed dad & myself a visit and brought the kids toys.  It came to show that no matter if your volunteer or paid firefighters, we all put our pants on the same way and we all belong to a brother hood that understands each other.  The talk with them was uplifting and I'm glad dad was there with me to be a part in the talk.  
We didn't know what we were going to do with Bryson this coming week.  I didn't catch all of the story, but thank you to whomever is giving mom the opportunity to take the week off so that she can keep Bryson and be there for us!  I've caught myself almost telling Alicia that her mom could keep him.  So giving mom this opportunity will be a large help!  
This blog has been read about 4,300 times since the accident, so I'll apologize for my writing skills, spelling, grammar, and anything else that Alicia will correct me on!  As far as Briley, we are looking forward to the happenings of tomorrow.  For Alicia and her family, I pray that they may somehow find comfort.  
Did I mention Troy Aikman & Garth Brooks will be here at the hospital on Tuesday?  
Thank you for your continued support and prayers!


  1. John, you are one neat man, your posts are perfect for us as readers to know whats happening with Briley & I appreciate your honesty. You sound like a MD, I don't know you or your sweet family in person, but I know you thru my heart & the fact that we serve the same GOD, you are my brother in CHRIST. I have thought about you & your precious family ever since I heard about the wreck Fri. a.m. Alicia is an amazing mom, I know GOD reigns in her heart thats very evident in her daily walk with JESUS. I knew your grandmother well, we talked quite abit, she was a good rightous, Christian woman. I bet she & NaNa are visiting & praying for Briley, Alicia, Bryson & you now. My daughter-in-law Holly Jungman King & Glen are 1st cousins. I would love to meet you & your family, but if not here on earth I will see you in our Eternal Home. My thoughts & prayers are with you sweet people. UNTIL THEN !!!!!!! sue

  2. We have heard lots about Briley over the last year or so from my niece Gracie. So when we heard about the accident of your dear family we have been heart broken for you all! One cannot imagine what you must be going through. We are praying for you and trust that God will hold you in his arms through this time. Thank you for sharing this blog with even those of us you've never met. Prayer is powerful and surely you have thousands praying for you! Much love, Keri (Lisa's sister)

  3. Hey, John:

    If you had previously said anything about the celebrities that are coming Tuesday to Cook Children's, I missed it. That will be amazing. Make sure to take and post some photos. That is neat that the firemen and EMTs visited. I'm sure Swan was impressed as well. That is true that there is a bond of brotherhood.

    Hoping that you all get some rest and that each day gives you more helping and peace.

    Thinking and standing in prayer for you.

    Jeanne' and Gary

  4. John and Alicia, I have been so concerned about Briley since I heard about the tragic accident. I am Liz Herring's great aunt and was born and raised in Seymour and still have many friends there, I have followed Briley's illness and remission. My husband passed away last year from lymphoma/leukemia so I understand all the numbers. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with, whether personally or financially. I live in Allen, TX, about an hour from Fort Worth. Thankfully, I have two healthy little granddaughters, but hope that someone would help them if the need was there. I also challenge my Seymour friends who have healthy grandkids and who are able to do the same. Briley has already been through so much, we must do everything possible to make sure she survives this setback. Please know that you are all in my prayers.
    Paula Mobley Holder


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!