Thursday, May 30, 2013

Briley's last day of kindergarten!

Today will be Briley's last day of kindergarten!  It's hard to believe that the year is over with already and she will be a 1st grader next year!  She done great in school!  It was a struggle at times with sickness and missing a lot of school, but we managed through it.  Alicia has done a great job teaching her.  Briley is reading great and loves reading books!  I'm proud of her!

Briley's Make-A-Wish trip is coming up fast.  We'll leave early Saturday and catch a Rangers game.  Spend the night and fly out to Orlando on Sunday.  We will be staying at Give Kids the World.  It's a resort on it's own and it's where most of the wish families stay.  I think the hard part will be deciding where to go!  There is so much down there the that it will be hard to decide what to do!  I imagine on Monday, we'll start at Disney World! I can't tell you how excited we are!   

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All is now well

Briley's flu only lasted for a few hours.  Well, at least the fever.  The next day, she was back to herself and has stayed that way since.  Now that's the way to have the flu!  We are very thankful she did not get really sick from it.
Everything else is going really well.  Bryson is doing great and having fun being a boy and picking on big sister.  
We are 10 days away from going on Briley's wish trip to Disney World.  We are overly excited about it!  We will be staying the night at the DFW airport for our flight departure at 10:30 the next morning.  We've decided to head down to DFW earlier in the day and catch a Ranger's game before going to the hotel.  I can't wait to see the kids reaction when we get on the plane and take off.  I've got to admit, Alicia and I are nervous.  I've flown a few times before, but it's been a long time (before 9-11).  Alicia has flown once.  I almost would like to drive and see a few sights between here and there, but the kids are so excited to get to fly and it will be part of the excitement.  
We are blessed beyond belief.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another ER visit last night

It seems that Briley has been "sicker" off treatment than on.  But we are very happy she is off treatment.
Briley went to bed unusually early last night.  About the time Alicia laid down in bed, Briley woke up with the chills.  She could not get warm.  Her temp was 101.7. About 15 minutes later, she had a 102.8 temp.  We decided then to take her to the ER.  On arrival, her temp rose to 103.1.  
So she got her port accessed and lab draws.  She then got a rocephine infusion.  The lab results came back and showed that she is positive for the flu!  
We thought the flu season was well behind us.  We were wrong.  
She got a dose of Tamiflu and after a call to the oncologist, we got to come home.  She seemed like she was feeling much better by the time we left.  Upon getting home, her temp was down to 100.7.    By the time I finally laid down for bed she didn't have a fever and she's been fever free since then.  
We were all suppose to travel up to Stratford this weekend for Brad & Heather's newest addition, Caleb's baptism.  Alicia and I were going to be Godparents.  We won't be able to make it.  I feel really bad about that since we already had to cancel Caleb's baptism once before due to sickness.  Ugh.  At least Alicia didn't have to make the trip to Cooks today for Briley's scheduled appointment.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another News Story on Briley

KFDX, Channel 3, stop by the house yesterday and did another segment on Briley's progress.  To view the story, click on the link on the right of this page under, "Briley Hostas is Cancer Free!".

We appreciate KFDX for doing stories on Briley.  They always do a wonderful job!  Really awesome!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A year ago today......

It was a year ago today that we would have to endure another devastating event.  It was the night that Gloria, Briley, and Bryson were involved in the wreck.

I just assume to forget about that night.  I don't talk about it.  

Thank God Bryson was not hurt that night and thank God that Briley has fully recovered from her injuries.  She is one tough little girl that has missed out on so much in her life, that she enjoys everything that life has to offer.  We are blessed to have both kids still here with us.

We miss Gloria.  That's an understatement.  Understandably, things have been rough for Alicia this past year.  Today is going to be extra hard on her, Jess, Nathan, Glenn, and Ruth.  Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers today and also on this Sunday, Mother's day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Briley is back to her old self!

Briley is back in school and feeling great!  No more fever, no more sinus infection, and the coughing is just about gone.  That's really good news!  She's missed so many days of school this year so it's a good thing that she's a smart little thing and able to move on to 1st grade next year!  Bryson has also gotten over the same crud and is feeling great!  He is also back in daycare and back to being a little tornado.  Thank you for your prayers!

Now, I've got to get something off of my chest, so please forgive me for the little rant I'm about to go on, but it will make me feel better to throw it out there.
I am sick and tired of seeing bald-headed kids being used for advertisements for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It seems like here lately I see an LLS advertisement every time I turn around.  Why am I mad (I know you're asking that!)?  The LLS gives $0.02 to pediatric cancer research for every public dollar that is raised.  That's 2 pennies folks.  So if someone sees one of their ads with a bald-headed kid and donates $100 thinking that they will help the organization with pedi cancer research, little do they know that only $2 out of that $100 would actually go towards the intended cause.  I don't think that's right.  In fact, it's unacceptable.  There are so many other better organizations out there that would make better use of that money.  It's almost a slap in the face.  

Ok, I feel better!