Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good results from the appointments

whew, it's been a day!  After a long night of Briley not sleeping well, we made a 5 minute drive from the motel to Cooks.  First up was her ortho appointment.  She had a few x-rays and the surgeon said that everything is progressing nicely.  She'll be able to take off the braces when and if she wants and at least bend her knees.  It's possible that after her next appointment next month depending what the x-rays show, she may be able to start walking with use of a walker!  The stitches in her foot from a couple of lacerations were removed.  We will pray that her bones will heal back at a normal rate.  
After a short lunch break, we went to her oncology appointment.  Of course everyone up there knows her and she was a big hit!  The nurses and child life gals had to come see her!  They are so good with her in oncology.  It's kinda hard to explain, but it's a totally different "hospital" experience on the oncology floor.  They show so much compassion to all of us.  From the docs, to the nurses, to the child life, they all will sit down and talk to us as long as we want.  There's no rushing to get in & out of the room.  Anyway, back on subject.  Briley had a cbc and doc visit.  Her ANC is 1600!  So it's basically back to where it was before the accident.  Both her hemoglobin & platelets were really good also!  Her doc didn't have any concerns.  Briley started back on her 6mp chemo this past Monday and she was given the green light to take her methotrexate tonight.  So it's back to the normal "chemo" routine.
We stopped by Walgreens to pick up a chemo refill, and then off to Lewisville for our "new to us" suburban.  Going from Fort Worth to Lewisville via hwy 121 to an adventure in itself.  Road construction, traffic, and a gps that didn't know there is construction had my blood pressure through the roof.  Somehow, we ended up at the DFW airport.  Yup, I had to pay a toll charge just to do a U-turn.  And then another wrong exit of 35E and yet another U-turn.  Finally, we found our way to the dealership.  When I pulled up, I asked the hungry eyed salesman waiting at the door to make us a deal how in the world they could live in such a place.  Once again, I'm glad I live in Seymour Texas where the only traffic issues are getting stuck behind a couple of combines and pickups pulling headers!  
The sales dude had most of our paper work ready since the deal was made over the phone.  That saved tons of time.  
Buying a new car is suppose to be an exciting time.  This time was far from it.  We had to out of necessity, but first most, it's hard to remotely get excited because of the situation.  We would give anything to have our old one back and Nanna still alive.  
We are safely back home now.  I'm glad that we went last night because Briley did hurt at times in the carseat.  We appreciate prayers that were given for a good report and continued prayers for proper healing!  


  1. Sounds like Briley is doing very good. I pray the days to come will be easy as I know this past three weeks have been a nightmare.

    Thinking & praying for you all,

  2. I'm happy she is doing better I wish the accident didn't happen I'm so sorry for u guys it's so devistating.

  3. So glad that Briley had such a wonderful appointment and the car buying is behind you now! I had to giggle about your blood pressure comments bc I know how Alicia feels-Cody hates the big towns too! :-)


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!