Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Before I tell you why we are so happy, I want to first tell you about the video that I've mentioned in the previous post.  I can not get that thing loaded onto this blog!  Sorry.  I've tried and tried.  It is on Alicia & mine Facebook page. I will keep trying to figure out how to get it on here.
Now, it's happy happy happy time!  Briley and I went down to Cooks today for her ortho appointment.  After a round of x-rays, the doc came in and said that both of her bones have completely healed!!!!!  Since she is doing so much better with her walking compared to two months ago, the doc is ready to take the rods out of her legs!!!!!!  Awesome news!!!
We plan to schedule the surgery during Christmas break.  It will be an out-patient thing and she'll be sore for a couple of weeks.  This chapter in our lives will be coming to a close.  All ( I use that lightly) we have to worry about is the oncology side of things after the rods are out.
We couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you God!!!!!!
Alicia and I will find a day to get it done and will let y'all know what day it is.  I figure she could use a prayer or two that day!
We appreciate everyone's prayers and well-wishes and we appreciate the cards from our friends in Haskell!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another trip to Cooks

Seeing that I ran into Alice in the grocery store and got in trouble for not updating the blog, I better get that done!
Briley and I went down to Cooks on Thursday for an oncology appointment/checkup.  Briley did not want to leave school (she didn't want to miss recess)!   Anyhow, I bribed her with IHOP when we get to Ft. Worth, so she was happy then!
We arrived at Cooks without any problems and went up to the oncology floor in the clinic.  The child-life gals were still in a halloween mood so Miss Kate snuck up on Briley and scared her!  Briley got her revenge by throwing crayons back at Miss Kate.  So they had a little crayon fight! 
We went back, Briley got weighed in, vitals taken, and back to the room we went.  She decided to scare her doctor when she came in, so Briley hid under a table.  Doc came in and Briley jumped out and said, "boo"!!!!!  They had a good time with that.
Briley's port was accessed and blood taken for labs.  A quick flush and she was done!  She never cried or even as much whimpered once during the needle stick!  I was so proud of her!
Her blood work came back very good.  Her ANC was 1570.  They like to keep it below between 1000 - 1500.  So Briley's nightly chemo dose was increased be just a little.  I hate increasing chemo,  that just means more poison going into her little body, but whatever needs to be done not to relapse.  
We left out of clinic and next stop - IHOP!  After eating, we headed home without any problems.  
We are very thankful to have a vehicle that we can rely on.  Some families are not so lucky.  
Halloween went very well and we had lots of fun!  Briley dressed up as a daisy and Bryson was spiderman!  I will try to post pictures once I get them on the computer.

I made a video of Briley of everything that she's been through.  If I can figure out how to post it on here, I will do that.  Warning:  have some kleenex ready!!!  And turn up the volume!