Monday, January 31, 2011

Briley's bloodwork today showed only a very small amount of Leukemia. The doctor said she may get to go to the Ronald McDonald house in a couple of days. When I asked Briley about going to the Ronald McDonald house, she said in a shaky voice, "Can I take my pump?" She also got unhooked from her pump today. The doctor wanted to see how well she would eat and drink without the IV. After they unhooked it, she said, "Tell them to hook me back up!!" She is getting very used to it. She has played today, and is eating alot. Overall, today has been a good day!! God is great!!
Briley is back in the room after the spinal tap and getting chemo in her spine. She is doing well, and is demanding "Old McDonalds"!! Her blast count (Leukemia count) in her blood went from around 100 to 10. She is about to get more chemo in the room right now. We are praying for good news after the procedure this morning. Thank you for all of the prayers, and please keep them coming. God is so wonderfully answering them!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Briley has had a better day today. She had to get platelets this morning, but her hemoglobin count was good. She saw Mrs. Crystal and Sissy, and was so excited!! She has a spinal tap and will have chemo put into her spine tomorrow. She will also get chemo when she is back in the room. Please pray that she does well during the procedure, that her Leukemia count is very low or all gone, and that she does well with the chemo tomorrow. Thank you for all of the prayers.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Briley hasn't felt great today. She wanted me to hold her or lay next to her all day. She threw up once, but felt better after that. Her hemoglobin was low, so she had to get a blood transfusion today. Her blast count, which is the Leukemia cells, went up slightly today. That's not something we want to see. The doctor said that her overall chemistry showed that the Leukemia was dying, so hopefully tomorrow's counts will look better. She's going to sleep right now, so hopefully she has a great night. We got Subway for lunch, and John's cousin Tina brought roast, potatoes, and carrots, rolls, and brownies!! That made today much better!! John is at home with Bryson, and I am missing them like crazy. However, I know Bryson needs him too. Please keep the prayers coming!! The Leukemia is a quick moving cancer, so please continue to pray for healing in Briley's little body. Good night!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Briley has had a good day. She is really weak and her back still is hurting some. She has held down some food, and she went to the playroom and made monkey bread. We got great news today. Her genetic testing came back, and she has TEL-ALL Pre B ALL. This means she may be in a low risk category for the treatment, which may mean less chemo!! Praise God!! Please also pray for Briley's new friend Gracie. She is 4 and has Neuroblastoma. She currently shows no signs of disease, but is still having treatments. Please pray that there is no more cancer. Please pray for Michael who had a bone marrow transplant today. Also, please pray for another boy in the playroom who is going to have to have a bone marrow transplant. He has a different form of ALL. It was devastating to find out Briley had cancer, but she has a great prognosis. There are kids with cancer that is much worse. God has graciously answered prayers, so let's keep them coming!!


It is such a blessing that Briley's leukemia is being fought off with her chemo.  Keep being a strong girl Briley!  Prayers are being answered!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Briley's PK CCD Class

Briley's group of friends in her CCD class at Sacred Heart in Seymour wanted to say "Hello, Briley!"
We talked to the doctor and the chemo is doing it's job. The Leukemia cells are dying quickly, and we are very thankful. Her back is still hurting, so the doctor is going to make sure it's nothing other than Leukemia pain. Hopefully it will stop hurting her soon. She is sleeping right now, but we are about to have food brought to us, so we are going to try to wake her up to eat. We are blessed and keep the prayers coming. God is graciously answering them!!
Briley is getting chemo right now. I am praying that it kills the Leukemia quickly!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Briley felt alot better today. She had some pain in her back, but her pain medicine worked great. She got to go play drums, and made a bracelet!! I got to Skype my class, so it was great to see them. Her counts looked good today, and she had no Leukemia cells in her spinal fluid or the fluid around the brain. Her Leukemia count in her blood went from around 6000 to around 1000. After the chemo kills the Leukemia cells in her blood, it will start killing the Leukemia cells in her bone marrow. It's going to be a long process, but we are off to a fantastic start. Praise God.

Williamson 1st grade

Just wanted to say hello.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Briley's back has been hurting some today. She got some pain medicine, and she is sleeping now. Her counts look good, and there was no Leukemia in her spinal fluid or in the fluid around her brain. Praise God!!

Mark your Calendars for MARCH 5!!!

 Seymour's Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting benefit dinner for BRILEY HOSTAS March 5, 2011, at the Cliff Styles Center.  $10/meal.  You'll hear music from Under the Influence and have a chance to bid on silent auction items with all proceeds going to help Briley. Auction begins at 4, meal begins at 5 & both end at 6:30. Under the Influence will  play until 7, at which time auction items will be distributed to winners. 

Thanks so much for your support! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Long But Great Day

Today has been a long day. After the surgery, Briley's back started hurting, almost to the point of screaming in pain. She also threw up 4 times and started running fever. She finally got more nausea medicine around 10, and her fever has come down. She is feeling much better, and is sitting up playing some. It was difficult watching them give her her first chemo, but she has to have it to get better. We are blessed for a very curable type of illness, and I hope that great days are ahead. I am going to try to get some sleep, and I hope you all have a wonderful night!!


GOD IS GOOD!! Briley had the MOST CURABLE form of Leukemia...Pre B ALL. She will most likely get more chemo tonight. Our prayers have definitely been answered. We are so thankful for all of the prayers for Briley. We are blessed!! You can go to and find out all the information you would like about her particular type of Leukemia.
Briley's address is Briley Hostas
c/o Cook Childrens
Room 3105
801 Seventh Ave
Fort Worth, Tx. 76104

She's Out!!

Briley is out of surgery and is doing well!! She saw us and told us that she didn't cry while we were in the waiting room. We should find out what kind of Leukemia she has and a get her treatment plan. Thank you for all of the prayers!! God is great, and I know he will take care of Briley. She is about to go make a puzzle piece picture frame so we have to go!!


Briley will be taken back for surgery at 7:30 this morning. Please pray that her diagnosis is good, and that the cancer hasn't developed in her spinal fluid or the fluid around her brain. She is so brave, and she is a fighter. I know with God on her side, she can conquer this battle. Please, please, please continue to pray. God is in control, and we have to give all glory, honor, and praise to him. It is God who has the power to heal her and to make miracles happen!! We love all of y'all!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contact Info

John posted this on Facebook and we wanted to make sure everyone received this information: We have moved into a much larger room! We are now in room # 3105. phone # direct to the room is 682 885 3105. I think they felt sorry for us in the smaller room with all of our guest crammed in there. The nurses have complimented about the support of everyone that has been here to visit and from everyone at home. The nurses have seen our facebook and blog. Tomorrow is the big day. Pray for good news!

God Bless!
Briley has had a good day today!! She has had lots of visitors, and has gotten many new toys!! She has surgery at 7:30 in the morning to take out bone marrow and to do a spinal tap. She will also get her first chemo during the surgery as well. Please pray that her type of cancer is easily treatable. We are also praying that her body responds well during the first 2 weeks, as this is critical for her speedy recovery!! We are blessed to have so many amazing people supporting us. Thank you for all of the prayers. God is wonderful!!


TEAM BRILEY is in action!

  • Prayers have been flooding into heaven,
  • TEAM BRILEY t-shirt orders are being taken (email:,,
  • TEAM BRILEY silicone bracelets have been ordered,
  • TEAM BRILEY car decals have been ordered,
  • Copeland's Cafe is donating 20% of their Sunday sales to Miss Briley!

The TEAM BRILEY theme is black with bright pink lettering!  Several other fundraisers are being arranged & details will be posted once items are in stock and details have been finalized.  The #1 thing we can do for Briley & her family is to keep the prayers coming!

Alicia's FB Post Saturday Evening

Briley is doing great!! She has been getting blood, and her color is coming back. She is being a little mess too!! We have 2 plusses on our side for a good prognosis, her age and her white blood cell count. We are praying for the other 2 easier type of Leukemia to treat, and her response to the treatment in the 1st 2 weeks. Please pray, pray, pray!!

Saturday Morning News

Here is what Alicia posted on Facebook this morning: Thank you all or your prayers and support!! Briley does have Leukmia. She has surgery on Monday to take out bone marrow and do a spinal tap to check for cells there. She will also be getting a port.

Miss Briley

This blog was began as a way of keeping Briley's wonderful supporters up-to-date with her battle with leukemia.  This blog will be updated by friends as a starting point to her journey. Briley is a fighter and has not one, but two communities battling her leukemia for her thru the power of PRAYER.  'TEAM BRILEY', is in action for you Briley & for your momma & daddy!