Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Night Update

Briley woke up in a good mood this morning!  She felt good pretty much all day!  Briley's doc stopped by and said her ANC was 840!  Great!  The shot worked!  So she stopped the antibiotics that Briley was receiving daily.  The doctor said that the counts should keep going up a little more and then drop some, but they shouldn't drop below 500.  Hopefully she should be over being neutropenic!  The doc also said if Briley's fever stays away and her counts were up, that she could go home as soon as tomorrow!!!!! But.........
she's running fever tonight.  101.7.  Crap.  Maybe Sunday we'll get everyone home.
Briley still hasn't been eating or drinking well at all, except for chips & hot sauce.  She loves chips & hot sauce!  Anyway, her doc was concerned about that and said that they may have to hook her IV back up for fluids and put a feeding tube in if things didn't improve today.  I think it scared her a little into eating more!
Ortho came in and took x-rays & put new bandages on her legs.  The x-rays looked good, except no new bone is growing yet.  There's no reason to be concerned about that until later.
We had some visitors today and one person brought some very pretty flowers!  Just a reminder, we can't have flowers on the cancer floor.  Something about pollen, bacteria, or something that's not allowed around kids with low ANC.  We appreciate it and I know that Briley will love them when she gets home!d
I got back to Seymour around 4:00 this afternoon.  I thought that I would be excited to be home, but I'm the exact opposite.  I'm very happy to be able to see Bryson, as he is excited to see me, but I haven't been this "down" since the night of the accident.  Bryson wanted to go to nanna's house.  How do I explain that he won't be able to see his nanna?  I guess it will all work out in time.  
We are about to Skype Alicia & Briley so maybe that will perk me up a little.  Maybe a fishing trip on Sunday will help out also.  Good Night!

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  1. Hey! John and family,

    Don't be too hard on yourself. You have been through so many emotional moments for a really long time. Stress can really wear on a person, even those that are naturally more upbeat and positive individuals.

    You are gifted in the way you can blog allow us to learn of the personal and human sides of living through such tragedies . We continue to uplift you and your family as your personal prayer warriors. Thanks for helping us do that with your posts.

    Briley' bones may take longer to heal, due to the weakening effects of the steroid. We'll continue to pray that growth is happen with strengthening of the bone and soon they will see the new growth.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!