Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update

I'm sorry for not updating yesterday, it was just a little busy.  Briley woke up yesterday not needing pain meds!  Her pain is easing day by day and she only had pain meds twice yesterday.  All of her meds were lost during the wreck, so I had to refill all of her prescriptions.  We also got a potty chair that will make life a little easier for all of us.  Most of her pain comes from lifting her up, so anytime we can minimize the lifting helps out a lot.  I also did a good bit of searching for a vehicle on the computer.  I know have a short list, but we are still waiting on the insurance stuff to come through.  
KFDX 3 news crew stopped by the house and did a story on Briley.  They have been extremely supportive of our family and we appreciate them so much.  You can go to their website and watch the clip.  I'll try to get a link to it on the blog.  
I guess Briley had a pretty good night.  I've been sleeping in Bryson's bed, but I never heard her waking up in pain or Alicia hollering for help!  It was nice being able to sleep all night without waking up!  
Alicia has been wonderful throughout this whole ordeal.  She has her moments everyday, but considering what she's been through, she has been doing great!  Her faith as been key to get her through this and it's been her faith that has helped me & the kids through this.  She's done a great job explaining to Briley & Bryson what happen to Nanna and where nanna is now.  Briley says, "when I get to heaven and see nanna, I will run to her and give her a big hug"!  
Briley has both ortho and oncology appointments on Thursday.  We pray that everything is heeling fine and her counts are now stable.  I hate borrowing other people's stuff, but we'll have to borrow a vehicle to get down there.  Hopefully we'll have our own vehicle by that next appointment.  
I'm back at work today.  It's been a little rough for me coming back, but I've got get back on that horse.  Alicia plans to work tomorrow & friday.  If we can get through this week, then Alicia's sister, Jessica, will come down to help with Briley on the days that I work.  


  1. Please know that I can help out too! Lyndon will be in camps for the first 2 weeks of summer so I will be around town until after noon and would love to run by and help or run errands for you all-I will need things to do!
    All of the news coverage links are on the blog-top right "Briley's News Coverage Links" click on the link and it will direct you to the video. Hope this helps.
    Lots of prayers and love!

  2. I will come help ANY time it's needed. I know Alicia and Jessica will enjoy time together, and they need that, but Jess has 2 little ones to travel with which isn't always easy, so I would love to step in if needed!
    Also, the offer still stands if y'all want to borrow my suburban to take Briley Thursday. It is no trouble at all and she needs lots of room to get her as comfortable as possible!
    Alicia continues to amaze me......


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!