Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday Night Update

Today has been by far the best day that Briley has had.  She has not once asked for pain meds!  That is great news!  It's been extremely difficult watching her hurt and at times, cry in pain.  She was also in a great mood!  Laughing, giggling, playing, talking, all the things that a kid is suppose to do!  What impresses me the most with her is that she doesn't complain about the situation.  She's perfectly content not being able to walk or run around with the other kids.  She'll just watching and giggle!  She's a smart little girl and knows that the wheelchair is only temporary.  
Bryson on the other hand, although he is doing great, he's asked to go to Nanna's house all day.  He hasn't seen her for a while and is starting to miss her.  Even though we try to explain that Nanna is in heaven with Jesus, he doesn't quite understand the meaning of that.  I dread the day that the kids go to Nanna's house, but at the same time, they need to know and will find out eventually.  Plus, Glenn & Ruth needs to see the kids as they are having a difficult time with Gloria's passing.  Please keep them in your prayers
I think we have the vehicle, or the lack of, figured out.  We appreciate everyone's offer to let us use their vehicle to get down to Briley's doctor appointments and I think we will be taking the church's suburban again.  We have one picked out and if things go well, we should get it on Thursday after Briley's appointments.  We are getting another Suburban.  Alicia didn't want a black one again because it would bring back bad memories, so we found a silver one.     
I don't remember if I posted about carseat safety.  So here I go!  As you know, Bryson was in a carseat with a 5 point harness.  Briley was in a booster with the seatbeat around her.  Bryson's side took the  impact, but as you know, Briley received the injuries.  After spending some time talking with the carseat expert at Cooks, it's been agreed that both kids will remain in a 5 point harness until they are absolutely to big to fit in it.  Some boosters have 5 point harness that are safe up to 100lbs.  I do know that the carseat/booster saved their life.  Just food for thought!
I returned to work today and Alicia managed just fine without me!  She will be going to work tomorrow, so I've got to figure out how to manage without her!  Going to work today was bittersweet.  I couldn't help but think about the wreck for the better part of the day and how I could have done a lot of things differently.  But I was a dad at the time and I have complete trust in my co-workers to take care of my kids as if they were their own.  And the same goes to the fire dept.  We're all there for each other in times of need.  I'm blessed to be part of both EMS & fire and I hope I can have a positive impact on others in need.
Briley's first appointment is with ortho Thursday at 10:00.  Then she has an appointment with oncology at 1:00.  After all of that, we then have to pickup our "new" used suburban.  It's going to be a looooong day!  With that being said, we are discussing spending the night tomorrow so there we won't have to do so much driving in one day with Briley.  We think it's too much driving in one day this early in recovery.  Her pain is just now getting tolerable and we don't want to bounce her around in a car for too long for one day.  We'll discuss it further tomorrow and maybe I can get someone to cover the rest of my shift.  
So, it seems like I typed a book tonight.  Bryson is fast asleep on my arm.  Thank you for your continued prayers & get well wishes!


  1. Thank you for posting.

  2. AMEN to your carseat comments! I am a BIG believer in careseat/booster seats. Lyndon's pediatrician has just taken Lyndon out of his booster seat this year. We stayed in it as LONG as possible. Your children are so lucky to have such responsible and caring parents.

  3. I've been following your story and so glad Briley is doing so well! Ya'lls situation was announced at our church on Mother's Day morning and we prayed for ya'll. Since then, I keep praying and thinking about ya'll. Blessings from Quanah, TX....

    Jackie & Levi Woods

  4. John, I don't know you very well, but I grew up living around the corner from Glenn, Gloria, Nathan, Alicia, and Jessica. So glad you are keeping us updated on Briley, we all love to hear good things. Briley is lucky to have such wonderful parents...because although you ask for prayers for Briley's recovery (which I haven't seen requests from you 2 in a while for her), you are always thinking of another family and children who are having trouble in their lives. You 2 are truly awesome, and I hope everyone notices that. Briley and Bryson are some lucky kids!! Still praying for Briley's recovery and all of Alicia's family, and will also pray for the family and children you have requested a prayer for.

    Jara Collins

  5. John: Just got to read and catch up on all that is ongoing in your lives. Thanks for sharing. I dare say that from your tragedy has come a sense of community within our town and others. Thanks for allowing us to be a part.
    Carseats have improved and I am glad! Probably ALL firemen, EMS and other first responders can testify to the importancce of having and properly using one with children and infants.
    I also hope that you will soon be able to make the visit with Glenn and Ruth. As hard as it will be, it may be a step in Bryson's understanding of Nana's passing. I am sending you all some books that may help as well. Watch for a box from Amazon.

    The Snyder's
    Gary and Jeanne'


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!