Monday, February 28, 2011

In the hospital again

We arrived at the clinic on time this morning for Briley's spinal tap & chemo. But she had congestion & a bad cough that's been getting worse since last week. Her O2 stats were 89% this morning. She had a breathing treatment and then chest x-rays. The x-rays showed some "crap" in her lungs, but not pneumonia. The breathing treatment broke some of the crap loose and her O2 stats increased to 95%. The doctor decided to delay the procedure and chemo until Thursday and admitted Briley once again for breathing treatments. Her O2 is maintaining at 95%. The does get tachy in the 170's after a treatment. She's been a little tachy since diagnosis in the 150's, possibly due to low hemoglobin. We may get discharged tomorrow if her stats stay up. We can't decide if we do get discharged, if we'll come back home or stay at the RMH until Thursday. We've been putting the miles on the Alicia's Explorer of late.
Briley has been in a great mood. Alicia bought her crafts and Briley played with that for 3 straight hours! She's still not trying to walk at all. She says her legs hurt. We'll keep ya'll updated.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

She walked by herself!

We are in Grapevine now staying the night at a friends house since Briley's appt. is at 7:15 in the morning. She will have a spinal tap and chemo treatment in the morning. After we walked into the apartment, Briley walked by herself for a couple of minutes! This was the first time in 2 weeks that she has walked without assistance! We were really worried about her not walking, so this was big for us!
We hope to be able to come home after tomorrow's treatment. We will update afterwards. Thank you for all of your support and prayers.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Briley is back home (well kinda)!!!!!

I came home last night to be able to work today. We thought that Briley would get discharged sometime after her treatment on Monday. We thought wrong! Alicia called me a little after lunch today and told me to start heading to Ft. Worth to pick up her and Briley to go home! Thanks to my great co-workers, Ernie covered for me so I could run and pick them up. It was well worth the 5 1/2 round trip!
Briley has been doing so much better today. She has been laughing and giggling and she actually was able to walk to the play room! She said "my body feels good today"! She played all day! She was very happy to be coming home........well to Nana's house. The doctor said that it would be wise to get rid of the carpet in the house because it should help with her allergies. We don't want her coming home and getting sick like the last trip. That was a real wake up call as to how fragile she is right now. She gave us a big scare that night. Plus Bryson has a double ear infection and can't be around her right now. Hopefully we can get the new flooring in this coming week so Briley can be home soon.
While in town, I've had numerous people comment about stuff we put on the blog and on facebook and several people commented today on the video of the bubbles! It's really cool to know that many people care about Briley and are praying for her. Thank all of you for caring!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Briley flying a helicopter...lots of giggles!!

Physical Therapy-Blowing Bubbles!!

Briley is grouchy and hurting some this morning, but she had a good night last night!! She was in a good mood, and she also walked (with help) twice!! She didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she was walking the first time, but she giggled the second time!! They are giving her something for the pain, and she is much more willing to try to bear weight on her legs. She will be getting physical therapy this morning, so hopefully that goes well!! She is trying to sleep right now. She has a cough this morning, and if it's not gone by Monday, her next phase of chemo will be delayed. The doctor thinks it is a cold. That's not what we want to hear, as the doctor doesn't want to delay it too long. Please pray that she quits coughing, and that she regains strength. She is so brave, and I am so happy that I actually got to hear a giggle!! God is good!!

Fever & Treatment Plan

Briley's fever has not broke yet. The cultures have been negative so far. She just had the spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate on Monday, so the fever may be from that. She ran fever the last time all of that was done, but it's just my guess. Of course the good news of the day is that the results from the bone marrow aspirate came back from the COG with zero leukemia cells!!! She is now considered in remission! However, the doctor was quick to point out that if treatment was stopped now, her leukemia would 100% return. Remission just means that there are no visual cells present in the sample taken. But it is great news regardless.
We will be starting the consolidation phase of treatment on Monday. She will have another spinal tap and more chemo then. After that, she will only have 2 more spinal taps with chemo injection in the next 29 days. She will also be taking an oral chemo pill everyday during this time.
She will then start Interim Maintenance for 8 weeks, then Delayed Intensification for 8 weeks, then Interim Maintenance again for 8 weeks. That's 28 weeks (7 months) of still harsh chemo treatments. It's hard to believe that it will be September 5th before this phase is over with. The good news is, we should be home for much of this and at some point she will receive treatments in Abilene. We don't know yet what the treatment plan is after September 5th. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow, but I do know that it should be a walk in the park compared to the current plan.
She will be at Cooks until Monday at the earliest. We are praying that her fever breaks and she will be able to walk soon. Thank you for all of the support! We couldn't do it without you!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Long Night, But A Wonderful Day!!

We headed back to Cook's last night after only one night at home. Briley started running fever, and they wanted to have her seen in the ER. She had a really fast heart rate, and she had unusual breathing. She was started on antibiotics, and we were admitted to the hospital. The nurse in the room was very concerned with Briley's breathing. She was also concerned that Briley is too weak to stand on her own, and that she doesn't even want to try to stand with help. She was low on blood, so she got a transfusion last night. The transfusion, along with the fever going down, slowed down Briley's heart rate to normal. This was all very scary. No doctor looked at her after we got to the room, so we had no idea what was going on. I prayed so much last night. Knowing God was in control and there for me was the only way I was able to get through last night. It was so hard knowing that something wasn't right, but not knowing what it was. The doctor came in this morning, and said that the breathing could be from the fever. Also, she is going to see a physical therapist today to make sure it is weakness, not a possible breakdown in her hip bone. The combination of the chemo and the steroids did it's killed the cancer, but it has really been hard on Briley. She is extremely weak, and she hurts when she tries to stand or move around. She doesn't want to play, and she is tired alot. However, she can get better, and I know God is in complete control!! God gives me strength in times when I am at my lowest. Briley has been so blessed that her body is fighting off this disease, and she is in remission!! Thank you all for your prayers and support!! God has so wonderfully answered so many prayers, and all glory, honor, and praise goes to Him!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back at Cooks

It's been another long day, although it was sure wonderful waking up (at 7:00am) with both kids in the house! We spent the majority of the day doing laundry and unpacking. Briley had a fair day. Her outburst and appetite are becoming less as the steroids leave her system. She laid on the couch all day, not feeling well. A fever started earlier afternoon and finally got to the point that we had to call her oncologist. She wanted us to come back to Cooks for antibiotic treatment and lab work. It's a little after midnight right now, and we will be heading upstairs shortly to a room for the night. We'll see what the cultures say tomorrow. Hopefully they are negative and we'll be able to come home.

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are home!!!

It has been a long day. Briley had her procedure this morning at 9:00 am. They wouldn't let her eat anything past 2:00am. So we came up with a brilliant idea (so we thought), we'll set our alarm for 1:30 and let her eat so that maybe she'll sleep through the rest of the night without waking up wanting "old McDonalds chicken nuggets". Well, all went according to plan. She woke up at 1:30, ate, fell asleep, then up again at 3:00 am screaming for rice krispy treats!!! This went on for about 45 minutes, until we got up at 7:00 for her procedure and here we go again!
The procedure went off without a hitch! Her doc came into the room later that morning and said that the marrow under a microscope looked great but we wouldn't know for sure about Briley being in remission until they get the results back from C.O.G on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Then she said something else we wanted the hear, "Briley's counts are up and you will be going home this afternoon"!!!!!
We rushed to pack everything in the hospital room and also at the RMH. Our car was packed full of stuff! As soon as I took off, a couple of toys from the back of the car fell on Briley's head. A little rearranging in the Walgreens parking lot and we are good to go!
We arrived in Seymour the a grand homecoming!!! The fire dept & EMS brought us into town with lights and sirens! There was so many people on the side of the roads seeing us in that it was unbelievable! We were truly amazed how everyone came together to welcome Briley home! Everyone had on their Team Briley gear as we drove past, waving and giving a thumbs up!!! We have never been so proud to live in Seymour, TX and we hope everyone feels the same! Briley was very excited and also shy. We will show her later in life the wonderful support that she had during this trying time. As we pulled onto the driveway, I had to pull back the tears. There was a big "Welcome Home Briley" sign on the house and many balloons outside as well inside the house. Many well wishers stopped by, gave us hugs and we shed a few tears together. What a wonderful way to come home!!!!
Bryson is a very happy boy this afternoon. He has clung to Alicia since she's been home. It's great having all 4 of us at home now, even if just for a short time.
We will post more about Briley's treatment plan in the next couple of days. We do know that the duration of the next phase of chemo is 7 months long.
We would love to have any pictures of the Team Briley homecoming and of anyone wearing the gear. Thank you for making today such a special one!!!!

Welcome Home

Briley's Escort

We will be in Seymour at 6:00 and the fire trucks will be escorting us from the Olney hwy to our house . See you there !
We are on our way home and will be in Seymour around 5:45 or 6:00pm . I will post again when we are in Olney . Please come help welcome Briley into town!

Home For A Few Days!!

We get to come home until Sunday unless Briley has fever!! We will know for sure if any cancer was in the bone marrow on Thursday!! She still has 2 1/2 years of chemo, but we are excited about getting to come home for a little while!! She will hopefully start the next phase of chemo on Monday. Briley is going to be riding in the firetruck when we get home, so look for updates on when we leave, and come out in your Team Briley gear and welcome Briley home!! She is kicking cancer's tail!!

Address Change

Briley is out of surgery and doing well. We will know the results later today and even might get to come home for a few days. With that being said, we will be leaving the Ronald McDonald house and they will return any mail if we are no longer there. The safest thing will be to send it to our house. The address is:
Briley Hostas
1109 W. California
Seymour, TX 76380

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awaiting Briley's Big Day!

I (John) made it back to Ft. Worth today to find a grumpy 3 year old not wanting anything to do with me. It has been the norm since she's been on steroids. She is no longer a daddy's girl. But all of this is about to change after tomorrow!!! We are patiently waiting for tomorrow to come and go with great anticipation for these reasons:
#1 - her last steroid treatment is in the morning. The steroids have had the most visual (and sometimes audible) impact on us and on her. She constantly eats and has gained so much weight that she has a hard time sitting herself up in bed. She also cannot walk far without giving out. We have to constantly stand at her side and help support her so she doesn't fall. I didn't realize she was so weak after being gone for a few days that I left her standing in the bathroom while I washed my hands, heard a bang, and sure enough, she fell. She was not hurt from the fall. She also has "roid rage". Very typical for kids on steroids. We are extremely excited to be ending her steroid treatment tomorrow and to get our sweet little girl back that we all know.
#2 - She will have a spinal tap to inject more chemo into her spinal fluid and will also have a bone marrow aspirate. Since blood cells are formed in the bone marrow, this is where the majority of the leukemia cells are located and the hardest to kill. We are praying that no leukemia cells are present in the marrow. If that is the case, Briley will be in remission!!! However, with leukemia, it is impossible to be for certain that all leukemia cells have been destroyed. The leukemia started with one single cell that mutated and then divided and took over, so much more chemo is necessary to be certain that no leukemia remains.
#3 - Briley will be finish her first phase of chemo (induction) and will start the second phase (consolidation). There are different treatment plans in consolidation based on the outcome of tomorrow's marrow samples. We are praying that we will be on a treatment plan that allows Briley to go home every so often. Although it will be just a few short days at a time, it would be wonderful! We could come home as early as tomorrow afternoon, or on Tuesday. This is a big "maybe" and has to do with her ANC counts. The higher the counts, the better. Right now the counts are too low to be able to go home, but hopefully in a couple of days they will improve.
We appreciate everyone and your support. We need you more now than ever! Tomorrow is so important for many reasons. Please pray and then pray again. We will post as soon as we can tomorrow. Thank you very much!!!!

More Very Wonderful People!!!

This beautiful dress was named for Briley Hostas! :) If you're not already of fan of Corinna Couture, you should like her page today on facebook- she has fabulous girlie dresses!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are excited that we have had and are going to have visitors from home. Lance and Amy Burnett and their girls came by yesterday!! My sister and Jacom are on their way, and I'm having lunch and spending some time with Megan and Keramie!! The doctor said today is a pretty "boring" day, which is good for us. Briley just needs to play!! The steroids have made one of her legs hurt, and her knees hurt sometimes also. She is very weak also. Hopefully when the steroids are out of her system, she will feel like playing, and she will start getting her strength back!! I hope and pray that she has a great day today!! Thank you God for taking care of Briley!! I know you love her and are healing her body!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Briley has been very tired today. She has slept alot today. She went to the playroom and at chocolate chip pancakes!! Of course, she was super excited about that!! Her ANC, infection fighter, count keeps dropping, but the doctor said it is normal during this phase of treatment. Her sodium is also low, and it hasn't gotten any better as of the last check. The doctor said this is probably from her chemo. Please continue to pray. Please pray that her ANC count and her sodium goes up!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Please continue to keep Gracie, Adam, Ginger, and Leanna in your prayers. God is good and He alone has the power to heal these sweet kids!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today was a much better day!! Briley has been in an ok mood, and I got to come be with her!! I am feeling much better!! Briley got to make her own pizza again today, so she was very excited. She gets to be unhooked from her IV during the day, so she is loving it!! Thanks to my awesome co-workers, we had a birthday party in my room!! That was fun, and I've eaten cake all day. Thank you for all of the team Briley support. God is blessing Briley each day!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Briley had a very good day today, but Alicia not so much. Alicia woke up vomiting @ 7:00am this morning. She called me and I rushed from the RMH over to the hospital so she could come back over here. She stayed sick pretty much all day, but is feeling a little better this evening. Gloria come down this afternoon so that I could take Alicia to a clinic we found in Arlington. The Doc said she had a bacterial infection and gave her a shot and Rx. To top it off, today is Alicia's birthday and we had big plans to go out and eat with some friends tonight, but we ended up sitting in a clinic instead. Maybe next week we can make up for it.
Briley has actually been talking and joking about things today. We walked down to the playroom 3 times today and she gave the nursing students a hard time. Earlier tonight she was trying to lay her bed down flat, but for some reason the bed kept coming up just a bit and she did not like it. So she hit the call nurse button and told the nurses about it. We asked why she pushed the button, she said, "That's what you're suppose to do when you need the nurse"! Sounds like she will be getting a new bed tomorrow! We are also hoping that maybe Briley will get to go home for 4 or 5 days next week between induction and consolidation. That is a big "maybe", so we are praying that her counts will be up enough to be able to do that! Alicia wants to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes today. Go Team Briley!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Briley painted in the playroom today. Mrs. Amy, a child life specialist that Briley loves, brought in a picture of Briley and Gracie making heart pizzas, and she got a smile on her face!! Those are few and far between. Mrs. Amy said she would buy everything so Briley could make them again!! Briley was very excited about that!! She got to see her Mama and Papa (Trina and Eric) this morning. She is doing well!! Her ear infection is better if not gone, and as of the last report, no cultures have grown!! God is good!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Briley is still in the hospital at Cooks receiving antibiotics through her IV and she received her chemo treatment today also. The good news so far is that her blood cultures from this morning showed no growth! So hopefully the meds have already zapped them or it was a contaminate from the culture she had done on Saturday in the ER. She has gained nearly 4 lbs in the past couple of weeks and it shows in her chubby cheeks and distended tummy. She doesn't want to do much other than watch tv and eat (no wonder why she gained weight) and she's still sporting the steroid attitude. I knowonce she gets off the steroids on the 21st we'll have the old Briley back and we can't wait! It's really starting to drain us emotionally watching her all day knowing that she is flat out miserable. She did go down to the first floor for a Valentines day puppet show that was put on by a local Christian radio station. Alicia was in tears today knowing that Bryson had a Valentines party at daycare and neither one of us remembered it and no one was there for him. But judging by the pictures we saw, it looked like he had a good time without us! Our next big day is in one week on the 21st. Briley will have another spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate and it will be her last day of steroids. They will injecting more chemo into her spine and will take bone marrow samples for analysis. We are praying that the samples show zero leukemia cells. If so, Briley will be considered in remission!!! We are asking everyone that has bought a shirt or bracelet to wear them on Monday, the 21st, for support on this very important day and also pray for remission! Go Team Briley!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

'Team Briley' Hostas Raffle

Tickets can be purchased @ the following businesses in Seymour:
*Double C's
*Myers Grain
*Shumate Taxidermy

Briley Update 2-13-11

Briley is finally fast asleep. She has a bacterial infection along with an ear infection. We should know more about it tomorrow. They are pumping anibiotics in her right now. She will be in the hospital for at least a week, but I suspect that they will keep her in here at least a day or two after her procedure on the 21st. The 21st will also be her last steroid treatment!!!! We can not wait! No more midnight snacks, 4 am snacks, 7 am breakfast, 9 am brunch, 10:30 brunch again, 3 main courses for lunch, and so on.

We would like to thank everyone that worked hard at the chicken fry in Rhineland today and thanks to everyone that went to it and got a belly full! We feel very inadequate trying to thank everyone, but just know it's very appreciated. Thank you so much! As difficult as it is to see your own going through something like this, all of you have made this journey so much easier for all of us!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Briley still had a low grade fever and had bruises all over her tummy. We had to have Briley seen in the ER. She had an ear infection, and her platelets were a little low. We stayed in the ER until around 6, and she finally got a room. Not long after we got in the room, the hematologist called and said that we could go back to the Ronald McDonald House. He said the bruising was normal with the platelets being low, and that her other bloodwork looked great!! Her ANC count, infection fighter count, was at 770. It was at around 370 on Thursday, and needs to be above 500 to be around more people!! He also said that her bloodwork looks like her body is going towards remission!! Praise God!! God is answering prayers!! We are blessed!! After we left the hospital, we let Briley ride to Walgreens and to get something to eat. She loved being able to get out. Thank you to everyone who has sent Briley something. She loves getting mail and gifts!! Hopefully she will start feeling better; today was an ok day. Bryson had to go with Trina and Eric, but hopefully I will get to see him next weekend!! Deacon Jim and Rilda came by, and he brought communion. What a great ending to the day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bryson and Daddy Are Here!!

Briley has played more today than she has in a while!! She was so excited to see Bryson; she hugged him and said, "I missed you!" I am so happy to see him and John as well. My dad stayed for a while too!! Briley loved getting all of her new things, so thank you to all who sent her something. She loved it all!! She has been tired today, but she's still eaten alot. Her cheeks are starting to get puffy!! Hopefully she will feel good tomorrow and want to play. Bryson is glad to be here, and has hugged and squeezed me so many times!! It is good to have him here, but he is very rambunctious!! God is good!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

God is Good!!

Briley went to clinic this morning and had her counts checked. Everything looked good, and she didn't have to have any transfusions!! Her ANC count, infection fighter count, was around 370. This was higher than when she got here!! When it gets over 500, she can be around more people. The nurse said it shouldn't get much lower right now, and that her chemo shouldn't bring it down too much. That is good news!! Praise God!! Her low fever may just be from steroids. Her ears and throat were clear!! John is supposed to come back tomorrow, but his plans to bring Bryson aren't looking great. Bryson started having a green snotty nose today, so he's going to have to go see Larry later. I want him well; it has been almost 3 weeks since I have seen him, and I miss him so much!! However, it is such a small price to pay to have Briley get well, and hopefully cancer free soon!! Him staying at home with a runny nose is nothing compared to's all in how you look at it. That is one thing that I have learned through all that we have been through. All of the things that seemed so big before, are really small things. Life is so precious, and I hope I don't take one minute for granted. I want to live each day to the fullest, and love and serve God in the process. I know there is no way I could be doing this without God right with me all of the time. I have said countless prayers over the last few weeks, and while praying the rosary, I had an overwhelming peace come over me. That is the love and protection of our amazing God!! It is hard to know why Briley had to get Leukemia, but I know it is for a reason. Think of all of the prayers that have been said, and how many people have been drawn closer to God through all of this, and this is just the beginning. Briley is special; God chose her for a special mission. Maybe she will help strengthen others' faith in God, including my own!! Thank you for all of your prayers; they have been so wonderfully answered. Please keep praying that she is cancer free by Day 29. We love you!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Briley has been really tired today. She has told me off and on today that her tummy hurt. She goes to clinic and gets her counts done in the morning. Her fever is still a low grade; it hasn't reached 100.5, so we haven't had to take her to the hospital...thankfully!! She has been very moody because of the steroids. She is also hungry all of the time, and she won't play. Please continue to pray that the Leukemia is gone out of her bone marrow by Day 29!! Please also keep Gracie and her mom in your prayers. It has been a tough couple of days for them. Please also continue to pray for Chastity-she is doing a little better, Ginger, Adam, and all of the children who are here and who may be sick. God hears our prayers, and he is in control!!
Briley is feeling very tired today, and she is complaining that her tummy hurts. She is happy today though!! She goes to clinic tomorrow to have her counts checked again. Hopefully she won't need a transfusion. She is a brave girl!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Briley feels good today. The chemo hasn't caused her to be nauseated, but she has a touch of fever. It stays between 99.5 and 99.9. We are supposed to call when it hits 100.5. Please pray that her fever doesn't go up; infections can be very serious in cancer patients. God is answering prayers, and I know he will be with Briley!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Team Briley!!!!

John, Bryson & Avery showing off their new caps!! 
 We Love You Briley!!! 
Briley had clinic this morning. She did very well with having the port accessed. I had the numbing cream on at least an hour before they had to access it, so it didn't hurt at all!! She had chemo and had to get platelets. She has to go back on Thursday to have her blood checked again to check the platelet count, and she will get chemo again on Monday. Hopefully she will stay well until then!! She is basically not able to have any visitors right now because her ANC count, her infection fighter count, is really low. Thank you for all of the prayers!! Please keep them coming. God is good!! Please also pray for Chastity and her family. She was born 3 or 4 days ago, and is in very critical condition. Her heart is starting to fail now. Please keep all of the children here and all of the sick children in your prayers.
Briley had a bad morning yesterday. She was really fussy, and she just wanted to sleep and be held. She was really pale, so she may get a blood transfusion today. She perked up yesterday afternoon some, and ate really well last night. I was excited when she went to sleep early, but I paid for it during the night. She was up at from around 2-4 and wanted to eat, and she couldn't sleep. She woke up again at 6 complaining that her hear hurt. She was up again at 8. She is feeling ok this morning. She ate a sandwich and ate cheese dip, and she wants Nana to sit right by her. She has an appointment at clinic at 10:15. She will see her doctor, get blood drawn, and get her chemo. We'll see about her ear, cough, and runny nose. Please pray that all goes well, and that she does well with the chemo. God is good!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Briley has had a good day today, but today has been hard for me. I am really missing home. I haven't seen Bryson in 2 weeks, and John left to go home today. My mom is coming to stay with us, and I am ready for her to be here!! I miss the kids in my classroom, and I miss teaching every day. I miss my wonderful co-workers who are also such awesome friends. Even though it is tough for me right know, I know it is worth it to be getting Briley well. She has been so blessed with her prognosis, and I am thankful that her Leukemia is curable. There are lots of kids here who are much worse than her. Please keep in your prayers Gracie, Adam, Ginger, and Chastity. God knows what prayers are needed for them. Everyone has been so wonderful and generous since we found out the horrible news. Briley is blessed to have so many prayers and so much support for her. God alone can heal her, and all glory, honor, and praise goes to the Almighty Father. It is through him that I will find the strength to keep going, even on the toughest days.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Briley has had an ok day today. We are now staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Briley went to the hospital today to make Valentine pizzas with her friend Gracie!! She has been really hungry because of the steroids, but a little nauseated. The steroids also make her irritable. She gets really upset, but she gets over it quickly. This will go away when she gets off of the steroids on Day 29. Hopefully all of the Leukemia will be out of her bone marrow then!! Thank you for the prayers. God has answered so many of them!! Please keep them coming!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cook's had a Super Bowl Party for the kids this morning, and Briley got to meet Michael Irvin!! Her blast count (Leukemia count) in her blood was 0!! Now the chemo can start working on the Leukemia in the bone marrow!! Please pray that it is all gone quickly. Her back was hurting this morning, but we are hoping that it wasn't Leukemia pain. We are getting to move to the Ronald McDonald house today!! It will be nice to be there!! I hope everyone has a fantastic day. God is good!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Briley has felt great so far today!! She has been to the playroom, and played instruments with Gracie during music therapy!! She also helped paint for the Super Bowl party tomorrow. Roger Stauback and Michael Irvin are supposed to be here!! Her counts looked good today. Her blast count went from a 12 to a 6, so hopefully tomorrow it will be gone. It's being stubborn. She missed being in the low risk chemo group by a small amount. The Leukemia count in the blood had to be less than 0.01% and hers was 0.015%. She will now hopefully be in the standard average risk group if there is no Leukemia in the bone marrow by Day 29. We are on Day 10 now, so please pray that her body fights off the Leukemia quickly. Her ANC count, this measures her ability to fight off infection, was 192 today. Yesterday it was 72. The doctor said this is a good indicator that the Leukemia is being killed off in the bone marrow, and the bone marrow is starting to produce good things. We just have to keep praying that the chemo keeps working, and that her body is able to fight off this disease. Thank you for the prayers!! God is great!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Briley has had a good day. She went to the playroom and made pom poms for the Super Bowl with Gracie, and has been throwing her guns up and saying "Yucky Bevo!!" with her horns upside down to her UT fan nurse!! She is unhooked from her IV, and she has been drinking good today. She has not eaten very well today, but hopefully she will have a better appetite tomorrow. Her blast count, Leukemia count, went from a 10 to a 12 today. We don't like seeing that, but hopefully the Leukemia will be gone in her blood tomorrow!! Please pray that the blast count is a 0 tomorrow, and that she continues to heal. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers. God is good, and he has truly blessed us. We are so thankful!!

Blood Credits for Briley

Our high school Student Council sponsor, Sunday, has organized one of the many blood drives our HS Student Council participates in and has asked for me to share this information to help Briley & her family:

From Sunday: I  learned this afternoon that when we donate blood with the Texas Blood Institute we can designate Briley Hostas to receive credit for our donation.  Even though she is not getting her blood from TBI, they will help her family with medical reimbursements.  I have written a short explanation below.  Please spread the word!

Texas Blood Institute (TBI) has a program titled Donor Benefit Plan that may reduce some medical costs associated with blood transfusions for patients, such as Briley Hostas.  Briley was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is already receiving blood/platelet transfusions at Cook Children’s Hospital.  As a TBI donor you can participate in the “Credit to Patient Benefit Plan,” and help Briley’s family with the cost of her medical care.

Credit Benefit Plan (Credit to Patient)

*Donor specifies a patient using blood to receive a credit by completing a patient credit form at the time of donation; these are available at donor centers and blood drives upon request.
*Specified patient (or his/her guardian) receives notification of these credits.  Credits may be used up to two years after given by a blood donor.
*Provides financial reimbursement for blood processing fees not covered by insurance.

You can start helping Briley or someone else needing blood on Thursday, February 3 @ the Seymour High School Student Council blood drive, which will be held from 2-6:30 in the high school library.  You can also visit the Texas Blood Institute in Wichita Falls to donate or find a drive/center near you.

For more information on the donor benefit plan or to find a drive/center visit

Thank you to Sunday and please donate blood!