Monday, February 21, 2011

We are home!!!

It has been a long day. Briley had her procedure this morning at 9:00 am. They wouldn't let her eat anything past 2:00am. So we came up with a brilliant idea (so we thought), we'll set our alarm for 1:30 and let her eat so that maybe she'll sleep through the rest of the night without waking up wanting "old McDonalds chicken nuggets". Well, all went according to plan. She woke up at 1:30, ate, fell asleep, then up again at 3:00 am screaming for rice krispy treats!!! This went on for about 45 minutes, until we got up at 7:00 for her procedure and here we go again!
The procedure went off without a hitch! Her doc came into the room later that morning and said that the marrow under a microscope looked great but we wouldn't know for sure about Briley being in remission until they get the results back from C.O.G on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Then she said something else we wanted the hear, "Briley's counts are up and you will be going home this afternoon"!!!!!
We rushed to pack everything in the hospital room and also at the RMH. Our car was packed full of stuff! As soon as I took off, a couple of toys from the back of the car fell on Briley's head. A little rearranging in the Walgreens parking lot and we are good to go!
We arrived in Seymour the a grand homecoming!!! The fire dept & EMS brought us into town with lights and sirens! There was so many people on the side of the roads seeing us in that it was unbelievable! We were truly amazed how everyone came together to welcome Briley home! Everyone had on their Team Briley gear as we drove past, waving and giving a thumbs up!!! We have never been so proud to live in Seymour, TX and we hope everyone feels the same! Briley was very excited and also shy. We will show her later in life the wonderful support that she had during this trying time. As we pulled onto the driveway, I had to pull back the tears. There was a big "Welcome Home Briley" sign on the house and many balloons outside as well inside the house. Many well wishers stopped by, gave us hugs and we shed a few tears together. What a wonderful way to come home!!!!
Bryson is a very happy boy this afternoon. He has clung to Alicia since she's been home. It's great having all 4 of us at home now, even if just for a short time.
We will post more about Briley's treatment plan in the next couple of days. We do know that the duration of the next phase of chemo is 7 months long.
We would love to have any pictures of the Team Briley homecoming and of anyone wearing the gear. Thank you for making today such a special one!!!!


  1. So glad that all of you are home once again under one roof! May god put that cancer in remission for this precious little girl. Praying you get some kind of normalcy while you are home. Enjoy!!

  2. You can start her a scrapbook with all the pictures :)


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!