Friday, February 25, 2011

Briley is back home (well kinda)!!!!!

I came home last night to be able to work today. We thought that Briley would get discharged sometime after her treatment on Monday. We thought wrong! Alicia called me a little after lunch today and told me to start heading to Ft. Worth to pick up her and Briley to go home! Thanks to my great co-workers, Ernie covered for me so I could run and pick them up. It was well worth the 5 1/2 round trip!
Briley has been doing so much better today. She has been laughing and giggling and she actually was able to walk to the play room! She said "my body feels good today"! She played all day! She was very happy to be coming home........well to Nana's house. The doctor said that it would be wise to get rid of the carpet in the house because it should help with her allergies. We don't want her coming home and getting sick like the last trip. That was a real wake up call as to how fragile she is right now. She gave us a big scare that night. Plus Bryson has a double ear infection and can't be around her right now. Hopefully we can get the new flooring in this coming week so Briley can be home soon.
While in town, I've had numerous people comment about stuff we put on the blog and on facebook and several people commented today on the video of the bubbles! It's really cool to know that many people care about Briley and are praying for her. Thank all of you for caring!

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