Sunday, February 13, 2011

Briley Update 2-13-11

Briley is finally fast asleep. She has a bacterial infection along with an ear infection. We should know more about it tomorrow. They are pumping anibiotics in her right now. She will be in the hospital for at least a week, but I suspect that they will keep her in here at least a day or two after her procedure on the 21st. The 21st will also be her last steroid treatment!!!! We can not wait! No more midnight snacks, 4 am snacks, 7 am breakfast, 9 am brunch, 10:30 brunch again, 3 main courses for lunch, and so on.

We would like to thank everyone that worked hard at the chicken fry in Rhineland today and thanks to everyone that went to it and got a belly full! We feel very inadequate trying to thank everyone, but just know it's very appreciated. Thank you so much! As difficult as it is to see your own going through something like this, all of you have made this journey so much easier for all of us!


  1. Briley is a strong little girl! Love and miss you all!

    So sorry to hear you are having additional problems, GOD, the healer & loving FATHER will heal you,
    Our prayers are with you,


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!