Monday, February 28, 2011

In the hospital again

We arrived at the clinic on time this morning for Briley's spinal tap & chemo. But she had congestion & a bad cough that's been getting worse since last week. Her O2 stats were 89% this morning. She had a breathing treatment and then chest x-rays. The x-rays showed some "crap" in her lungs, but not pneumonia. The breathing treatment broke some of the crap loose and her O2 stats increased to 95%. The doctor decided to delay the procedure and chemo until Thursday and admitted Briley once again for breathing treatments. Her O2 is maintaining at 95%. The does get tachy in the 170's after a treatment. She's been a little tachy since diagnosis in the 150's, possibly due to low hemoglobin. We may get discharged tomorrow if her stats stay up. We can't decide if we do get discharged, if we'll come back home or stay at the RMH until Thursday. We've been putting the miles on the Alicia's Explorer of late.
Briley has been in a great mood. Alicia bought her crafts and Briley played with that for 3 straight hours! She's still not trying to walk at all. She says her legs hurt. We'll keep ya'll updated.

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  1. God is helping Briley more, and more each day!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!