Monday, February 14, 2011

Briley is still in the hospital at Cooks receiving antibiotics through her IV and she received her chemo treatment today also. The good news so far is that her blood cultures from this morning showed no growth! So hopefully the meds have already zapped them or it was a contaminate from the culture she had done on Saturday in the ER. She has gained nearly 4 lbs in the past couple of weeks and it shows in her chubby cheeks and distended tummy. She doesn't want to do much other than watch tv and eat (no wonder why she gained weight) and she's still sporting the steroid attitude. I knowonce she gets off the steroids on the 21st we'll have the old Briley back and we can't wait! It's really starting to drain us emotionally watching her all day knowing that she is flat out miserable. She did go down to the first floor for a Valentines day puppet show that was put on by a local Christian radio station. Alicia was in tears today knowing that Bryson had a Valentines party at daycare and neither one of us remembered it and no one was there for him. But judging by the pictures we saw, it looked like he had a good time without us! Our next big day is in one week on the 21st. Briley will have another spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate and it will be her last day of steroids. They will injecting more chemo into her spine and will take bone marrow samples for analysis. We are praying that the samples show zero leukemia cells. If so, Briley will be considered in remission!!! We are asking everyone that has bought a shirt or bracelet to wear them on Monday, the 21st, for support on this very important day and also pray for remission! Go Team Briley!!!

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  1. The Zeissel Family!
    Well we all wore our shirts & bracelets today. The boys couldn't wait to wear them. Their are several people here at school with them on also. As always we will continue to pray for this infection and that Briley's little body will be strong fight it off. Thinking of you everyday!!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!