Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blood Credits for Briley

Our high school Student Council sponsor, Sunday, has organized one of the many blood drives our HS Student Council participates in and has asked for me to share this information to help Briley & her family:

From Sunday: I  learned this afternoon that when we donate blood with the Texas Blood Institute we can designate Briley Hostas to receive credit for our donation.  Even though she is not getting her blood from TBI, they will help her family with medical reimbursements.  I have written a short explanation below.  Please spread the word!

Texas Blood Institute (TBI) has a program titled Donor Benefit Plan that may reduce some medical costs associated with blood transfusions for patients, such as Briley Hostas.  Briley was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is already receiving blood/platelet transfusions at Cook Children’s Hospital.  As a TBI donor you can participate in the “Credit to Patient Benefit Plan,” and help Briley’s family with the cost of her medical care.

Credit Benefit Plan (Credit to Patient)

*Donor specifies a patient using blood to receive a credit by completing a patient credit form at the time of donation; these are available at donor centers and blood drives upon request.
*Specified patient (or his/her guardian) receives notification of these credits.  Credits may be used up to two years after given by a blood donor.
*Provides financial reimbursement for blood processing fees not covered by insurance.

You can start helping Briley or someone else needing blood on Thursday, February 3 @ the Seymour High School Student Council blood drive, which will be held from 2-6:30 in the high school library.  You can also visit the Texas Blood Institute in Wichita Falls to donate or find a drive/center near you.

For more information on the donor benefit plan or to find a drive/center visit www.txbi.org.

Thank you to Sunday and please donate blood!


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  2. Thank you for posting this, Audra. I failed to mention that this blood drive is co-sponsored by the SHS Student Council and Seymour Hospital.

  3. John, Alicia & BRILEY,
    Hope your day has been a good one, I have had you on my mind & in my heart. Sounds like you be moving across the street, you will make new friends & they will be your "forever friends."
    My prayer is that you will get better each day & that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER will keep HIS loving arms around you.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!