Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Briley had a very good day today, but Alicia not so much. Alicia woke up vomiting @ 7:00am this morning. She called me and I rushed from the RMH over to the hospital so she could come back over here. She stayed sick pretty much all day, but is feeling a little better this evening. Gloria come down this afternoon so that I could take Alicia to a clinic we found in Arlington. The Doc said she had a bacterial infection and gave her a shot and Rx. To top it off, today is Alicia's birthday and we had big plans to go out and eat with some friends tonight, but we ended up sitting in a clinic instead. Maybe next week we can make up for it.
Briley has actually been talking and joking about things today. We walked down to the playroom 3 times today and she gave the nursing students a hard time. Earlier tonight she was trying to lay her bed down flat, but for some reason the bed kept coming up just a bit and she did not like it. So she hit the call nurse button and told the nurses about it. We asked why she pushed the button, she said, "That's what you're suppose to do when you need the nurse"! Sounds like she will be getting a new bed tomorrow! We are also hoping that maybe Briley will get to go home for 4 or 5 days next week between induction and consolidation. That is a big "maybe", so we are praying that her counts will be up enough to be able to do that! Alicia wants to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes today. Go Team Briley!!!!


  1. So sorry Alicia is not feeling well, but God is FAITHFUL & HE knows how much you want to be with Briley, this may give you some rest, our prayers are with all of you. Get well Briley & Mommy.
    OOOXXX, sk

  2. I've put Briley on the prayer list in my sorority Bible study group and will make an announcment on Monday at the next meeting. Once I make the announcement there will be 39 girls in the sorority that will be sending prayers your way.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!