Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fever & Treatment Plan

Briley's fever has not broke yet. The cultures have been negative so far. She just had the spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate on Monday, so the fever may be from that. She ran fever the last time all of that was done, but it's just my guess. Of course the good news of the day is that the results from the bone marrow aspirate came back from the COG with zero leukemia cells!!! She is now considered in remission! However, the doctor was quick to point out that if treatment was stopped now, her leukemia would 100% return. Remission just means that there are no visual cells present in the sample taken. But it is great news regardless.
We will be starting the consolidation phase of treatment on Monday. She will have another spinal tap and more chemo then. After that, she will only have 2 more spinal taps with chemo injection in the next 29 days. She will also be taking an oral chemo pill everyday during this time.
She will then start Interim Maintenance for 8 weeks, then Delayed Intensification for 8 weeks, then Interim Maintenance again for 8 weeks. That's 28 weeks (7 months) of still harsh chemo treatments. It's hard to believe that it will be September 5th before this phase is over with. The good news is, we should be home for much of this and at some point she will receive treatments in Abilene. We don't know yet what the treatment plan is after September 5th. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow, but I do know that it should be a walk in the park compared to the current plan.
She will be at Cooks until Monday at the earliest. We are praying that her fever breaks and she will be able to walk soon. Thank you for all of the support! We couldn't do it without you!

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