Saturday, February 12, 2011

Briley still had a low grade fever and had bruises all over her tummy. We had to have Briley seen in the ER. She had an ear infection, and her platelets were a little low. We stayed in the ER until around 6, and she finally got a room. Not long after we got in the room, the hematologist called and said that we could go back to the Ronald McDonald House. He said the bruising was normal with the platelets being low, and that her other bloodwork looked great!! Her ANC count, infection fighter count, was at 770. It was at around 370 on Thursday, and needs to be above 500 to be around more people!! He also said that her bloodwork looks like her body is going towards remission!! Praise God!! God is answering prayers!! We are blessed!! After we left the hospital, we let Briley ride to Walgreens and to get something to eat. She loved being able to get out. Thank you to everyone who has sent Briley something. She loves getting mail and gifts!! Hopefully she will start feeling better; today was an ok day. Bryson had to go with Trina and Eric, but hopefully I will get to see him next weekend!! Deacon Jim and Rilda came by, and he brought communion. What a great ending to the day!!


  1. What wonderful news!!!! I'm so excited that her ANC count is higher, because we can not wait to come and visit. We love you all and miss you TONS!!!!

  2. Sounds good, sorry abour ear infection..........

    My prayers are with you guys,


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!