Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Long Night, But A Wonderful Day!!

We headed back to Cook's last night after only one night at home. Briley started running fever, and they wanted to have her seen in the ER. She had a really fast heart rate, and she had unusual breathing. She was started on antibiotics, and we were admitted to the hospital. The nurse in the room was very concerned with Briley's breathing. She was also concerned that Briley is too weak to stand on her own, and that she doesn't even want to try to stand with help. She was low on blood, so she got a transfusion last night. The transfusion, along with the fever going down, slowed down Briley's heart rate to normal. This was all very scary. No doctor looked at her after we got to the room, so we had no idea what was going on. I prayed so much last night. Knowing God was in control and there for me was the only way I was able to get through last night. It was so hard knowing that something wasn't right, but not knowing what it was. The doctor came in this morning, and said that the breathing could be from the fever. Also, she is going to see a physical therapist today to make sure it is weakness, not a possible breakdown in her hip bone. The combination of the chemo and the steroids did it's killed the cancer, but it has really been hard on Briley. She is extremely weak, and she hurts when she tries to stand or move around. She doesn't want to play, and she is tired alot. However, she can get better, and I know God is in complete control!! God gives me strength in times when I am at my lowest. Briley has been so blessed that her body is fighting off this disease, and she is in remission!! Thank you all for your prayers and support!! God has so wonderfully answered so many prayers, and all glory, honor, and praise goes to Him!!

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