Friday, June 3, 2011

On the road and at the clinic again

Briley had yet another appointment with chemo yesterday. We got on the road about 30 minutes later than we wanted to thanks to me not wanting to get out of bed. That's what I get for working that night and having late night transfers.
oh-well, Bryson went with us this time. Briley loves having Bryson along for the ride and Bryson loves playing in the play room. Briley has been on steroids and it's starting to show. She had to have a frito pie breakfast at 5:30 that morning, so she got one! We finally left and got to Cooks around 8:20 that morning. The treatment went according to plan and her counts still looked really good. Her ANC count was high, but steroids will give a false high count. Her platelets and Hemoglobin are still looking good. However, we expect all the counts to start dropping at any point now.
We were extremely happy with the time frame that the clinic got us in & out. We were done at 11:00! The ride home was uneventful as both kids slept most of the way.
Briley was feeling good when we got home, so we took the kids out to a tank fishing. It wasn't long before she was ready to go to the house, but we manage to catch a few along with a big bull frog! The kids really enjoyed looking at the frog and Alicia asked, "is that where frog legs come from"? I'm afraid she will never eat another frog leg!
Briley is doing ok today. She is really tired and run down. She never takes naps during the day, but she has been sleeping a lot after the Doxorubicin treatment. At least the nausea and vomiting hasn't been an issue yet and the first steroid treatment has been completed.
Her next appointment is scheduled for the 9th. She will then have a two week break. If she meets counts, she will start the hardest part of this phase on the 23rd for 4 straight days of chemo. We'll be staying in the RMH during that time. We are dreading it, but are looking forward to getting it over with. Thank you for your support and prayers!


  1. Thanks for the update and keep hanging in there! Lots of love and prayers!

  2. Always in my prayers. Hope she has smooth sailing through all of this~


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!