Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Update

Happy Father's day to all of the dads out there including mine and dad-in-law. I'm proud to be the father of two wonderful kids and I hope that I am a good example to them.
Briley is feeling much better now than the past couple of weeks. Amazing how coming off the steroids makes someone feel that much better. She's not 100% by any means, but it sure beats this time last week.
In the past couple of days her hair as been falling out. She is now almost bald. There is hair all over the house, bed, bathtub, and on house. We are going to see if she'll let us shave the rest off today. I will try to post pictures on here.
I know a lot of parents of kids that are bald or are different don't like their kids being stared at. I know we're not in their shoes, but in Briley's case, we don't care, let them look. Let your kids come up to us and ask us questions. If they don't want to ask us, then explain to them why she lost her hair and that she is still the same Briley. The kids in this town have amazed us how they have emptied their piggy banks for Briley or sent a card in the mail or drew her a get well picture. I know they will understand this.
I guess I'm having a hard time with the hair loss. It's hard for me being the father of my beautiful daughter and because it's a visual reminder that she has cancer. But thankfully it's been harder on me than on her. It has really helped her having friends from Cooks that are also bald. At 4 years old, she understands why. She's a smart girl.
We will go back on Thursday for 4 days if she meets count. We'll probably stay at the Ronald McDonald House during that time. We will continue posting updates and we appreciate everyone that follows along. I know there are lots of folks in town that say they read the blog everyday. THANK YOU!
John, Alicia, Briley, & Bryson

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  1. John, you are one "super Daddy" I am amazed at your postings, straight from your heart, no beating around the bush, STRAIGHT FROM YOUR HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Briley is so blessed to have a Mom & Dad like you guys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    our love & prayers, sue & bob


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!