Friday, June 10, 2011

The counts we knew were coming but didn't want to hear

We left out at noon yesterday for Briley's scheduled chemo treatment. We just got back from Cooks the morning before, so it made this trip seem like a very long trip. We got to the clinic without incident and blood counts were down. The D.I. phase started living up to it's expectations. Her ANC (infection fighters) had dropped from 2100 down to 360. Counts below 500 are considered critical and will require her to be hospitalized with any fever above 100.5. She is very prone to sickness right now and we are keeping her isolated in the house. She can't even go outside and play.
Anyway, the chemo treatment is not count dependent, so she went ahead and got chemo. This will knock her down ever further. The doctor was a little surprised that her counts dropped so fast. Doc also was considering admitting Briley since her counts were so low and she recently had the fever. But she allowed us to go home since we didn't have any bags packed and with us on the condition that we watch Briley very close and take her temp quite often throughout the day.
She is not feeling her best today and I don't blame her. We would like to take her to the Relay for Life tonight, but can't with her counts. It's going to be a long month or more and we are doing what we can to keep her out of the hospital. The house is spotless! Please continue praying for Briley as she is now in the hardest battle against leukemia.


  1. I keep up with brileys blog as my 3 yr old sister is a month behind briley in treatment for all. she sounds like such a strong kid! God should continue to give her and all of you strength! id love to see pix of briley at this stage bec everything sounds so similar to my sister! my sister lost a lot of hair but not all yet_ were still in consolidation block 2. good luck to you!

  2. What a strong family you have and yes, you are on our prayer list and we'll move you to the top of ours!

    Gary and Jeanne' Snyder

    PS: We add parts of your update to the power point at the Methodist church in Seymour as many do not access computers, but they can keep up the prayers for Briley and the whole Family!

  3. Thanks for keeping up with Briley, Fru. We hope and pray everything goes well for your sister. Do y'all have a website for your sister?

    Thanks Jeanne. That's awesome putting the blog up on PowerPoint! We appreciate it!


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!