Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fever going down and news on Bryson

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged three days in a row!  Not for sure if that's a good thing, but I wanted to keep everyone updated on the kids.  
We took Briley to the local clinic today for her fever.  Although it came down some since last night, she needed to be seen.  She was still running a temp around 100.0 and she had count check, blood cultures, and a flu swab.  She tested negative for the flu!  That's great!  However, her ANC was lower than we want it at 740.  Ideally, we want to keep it right around the 1000 mark.  So she's not neutropenic, but she's getting there.  750 is the cut off, so after a call into her oncologist, she was given a shot of rocephin.  She barely missed spending a week admitted to Cooks.  If her temp was still as high as last night, she'd be at Cooks.  Thankfully she's not and her fever continues to drop.  It was 99.0 at last check and she's really felt great this afternoon!  I'll keep her home again from school tomorrow.
Now on to Bryson.  Cooks called Alicia this morning to confirm the MRI and asked for a $1000 payment up front.  What!?!?!?!?!  $1000 bucks for a MRI?  Crazy!  Come to find out, we have not met our family deductible for the year, just have met it on Briley (in 3 months time).  So, after a little online research, Alicia asked the local pediatrician, Dr. Chu, about doing a sonogram on Bryson's leg.  She totally agreed, so we took him to the Seymour hospital for the sonogram.  Now getting Bryson to lay still was a challenge, but we somehow managed to hold him down long enough to get it done!  We will get the report tomorrow, but by looking at it, it looks like a fluid filled cyst!!!!!  That's great news!!!!  The last thing we wanted to see was a solid tumor mass.  Alicia and I can breath a little easier now.  Hopefully, because of this, we can cancel the MRI scheduled for Thursday.  After looking at a few things, the cyst should disappear on it's own in some time.  Surgical removal would only be required if it started causing pain.  We'll know more about it after tomorrow, but we are relieved.  
We appreciate the prayers!!

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