Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Update

Merry Christmas to all!!!!   I do have some good news to report on Addison, the 9 year old that I mentioned in the previous blog.  All scans were clear, the lymph nodes were clear, they were able to get all the cancer out with surgery when they cleaned up the border.  So that's really great news and we are very happy for her and her family!  
Briley is still under the weather.  She ran a little fever yesterday and still has been really snotty with a productive cough.  We've had blood work done every week since she's been sick and she had it done this morning also.  Her platelets have been decreasing ever since she's been sick and on the antibiotics.  Right now, her platelets are hanging around the 55,000 mark.  At 50,000 they will withhold chemo.  Her platelet count has to be over 75,000 to have surgery.  
Alicia called Cooks on Friday to get some answers on why her platelets are dropping.  Unfortunately, Alicia wasn't able to talk to the nurse or doctor that's familiar with Briley and she wasn't able to get any answers.  We did read online that the antibiotic Briley is on could lower platelet counts considering she's on chemo.  So, we made the decision to withhold her antibiotics and hopefully we don't get in much trouble with the doc.
I really hope the counts increase before her surgery on the 31st.  If they don't, they will either delay surgery or she will need a platelet transfusion before hand.  I just hope and pray that it will increase on it's own.  
All of her other counts look great!  Her ANC is 1600!
Briley is scheduled for a LP this Thursday.  I canceled the hotel room for Wednesday night because of the impending winter storm we're suppose to have tonight.  I really hope we'll be able to make it down there and get some answers this week.  It will be a mess trying to reschedule for next week when she's already scheduled for rod removal.   
We're looking forward to Christmas, but ready to get this month over with!  
I hope everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends!  Thank for your support throughout this year and we're really looking forward to 2013!  

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