Friday, December 7, 2012

Cooks Visit

Briley and I traveled to Cooks yesterday for her regular scheduled appointment.  The night before, she started running a temp that stayed right around 101.0 - 101.5 mark.  She cannot have tylenol because that will only mask a possibly serious infection.  Anyway, we came ever so close to going to the ER for antibiotics, but as soon as we get ready to go, her temp would drop back down below 101.  We also knew that she had an appointment the following morning at Cooks.
While at Cooks, she had her port accessed.  Blood drawn for CBC & cultures.  The doc sent her downstairs for chest & sinus x-rays.  Then we went back upstairs to the infusion room for a round of rocephin.  Her ANC was 738, about the same as on Tuesday.  The chest x-rays were clear, but the sinus x-rays showed a sinus infection.  So all of this for a sinus infection!
This was a very good reminder for all of us that she's still very much fighting cancer.  Even something as simple as a sinus infection can have very serious consequences if not treated right away.  She is now on 21 days of antibiotics.  
Her temp rose again last night to 101.5, but since it's been less than 24 hours since her rocephin dose, she was able to have tylenol that dropped it back down.  So far today, her temp has remained under 100.0. She doing a lot of coughing and nose is constantly running.  I think the crap in her sinuses is trying to break up.
Thank you for all of your prayers!

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