Monday, December 3, 2012

Briley has a fever

Briley came home from school today running a fever.  It's been constantly hanging around 100.7.  For a short time, the fever got as high as 101.6.  
Times like this it hits us again that our daughter is a cancer patient.  If her temp gets up to 101.5 for any length of time, we have to take her to the ER to get her port accessed, blood work done, counts checked, and antibiotics started.  The ER doc would then call the on-call oncologist at Cooks and go from there.  If she is neutropenic and/or blood cultures come back positive, then she would have to go down to Cooks for an automatic week stay in the hospital.  
She cannot have tylenol or motrin for her fever as this will only mask it.  There's been the stomach bug and flu going around school, but she hasn't had any stomach issues.  Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug.
Briley has an oncology appointment on Thursday.  If she's still running a temp on Wednesday, we will have to call them to see if they want her to come.  The last thing they (and we) want is to infect the oncology patients with what she has.
Bryson will also have an MRI on his leg Thursday also.  I really think it's a cyst, but only an MRI will tell us for sure.  Just want to be safe.  At least both Briley and Bryson's appointments are on the same day!  That will save us a trip!

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