Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking is slowly getting better

Briley is walking a little more each day, but it's still not what I anticipated her doing.  We've have so much much going on in the next few weeks and I guess I'm just wanting things to go faster than what they are.  I have to remind myself, patience!  
She wants to walk!  So that's a good thing!  We don't have to force her to get up and walk.  The more she walks, the faster she will get back into the swing of things.  Her legs tire out quickly.  By the afternoon, her legs are really sore and she doesn't walk.  We try to give her as little pain meds as possible, but we may need to step it up a little just to get her back on her feet a little more.  
We are going to Alicia's uncle Johnny's house tomorrow to let the kids swim in his pool.  It will be great exercise for those little legs!  And fun too!  
There are noticeable differences in both of the kids since the wreck.  Briley is now scared of the dark.  Never has been before, but it's bad now.  She also keeps asking why Nanna didn't see the truck coming and why they pulled over.  Bryson doesn't want to be separated from Alicia or I.  He always loved going out to my mom & dads, but he no longer wants to.  He asked Alicia last night if he could go to Nanna's house when she got home from Heaven.  I hope things improve eventually, and they will.  
I'm just about ready for things to get back to normal.

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