Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20th. Anticipation!

We are leaving out at 6:00 in the morning and heading down to Fort Worth for Briley's ortho & oncology appointments.  Briley will have x-rays on her legs to see how much of her bones have fused back together.  If all looks good, she will be able to start walking with a walker!  
She's been moving her right leg around like crazy.  She's able to hold it up and move it in circles.  Her left leg is the one that has us a little worried.  The incisions look great now, but her left knee is still swollen.  She doesn't move it around near as much, if at all, as her right leg.  She also has some sort of big bump on the side of her  knee.  So we'll see tomorrow.  Lot's of anticipation going on in this household today!  
After ortho, she will have just a regular oncology checkup.  They'll access her port for a blood count and to give it a flush.  We hope and pray that all is normal with her counts.
Not much to report since my last blog.  Things are going about the same.  We really are thinking about going to counseling, especially for Bryson's sake.  Yesterday he was saying that all of his plastic animals are dead.  Over & over.  Alicia is going to make the call to them tomorrow and ask a few questions.  
It's going to be a busy couple of weeks starting next weekend.  We'll go to the Rangers game that Cooks is sending us to on the 30th of this month.  
July 5th, Briley is going to a camp for Cooks cancer kids.  Her age group will be only a day camp.  We'll drop her off at Cooks to catch the bus first thing in the morning and then pick her up that afternoon.  We're kinda nervous letting her go without one of us, but some of the child life gals will be going, so she'll know someone and will probably have a blast!  And she's always wanted to ride in a bus!!
This past weekend, Briley received an invitation from Cooks to a kid's fishing tournament on Eagle Mountain Lake July 12th.  I can say that I'm one happy and excited daddy.  If anyone knows me, they know I love to fish and do a lot of tournament fishing.  I've taken the kids fishing quite a few times and they love it also!  So the fishing trip will be super cool, especially considering that we'll be going out in a boat will pro-fishermen!  The same ones that I watch on TV!  That may not be a big deal to Briley, but it's awesome for me!  Bryson will be in fish heaven also!  He's taken after his daddy when it comes to fishing.  I think both kids will impress the pros.  They've never fished with anything but a plastic worm and can cast  & reel like a little pro!  We are really looking forward to the trip.  
We are hoping and praying that Briley's bones have healed enough to allow her to start walking and that her blood counts are normal with no signs of relapse.  We appreciate if y'all would say a quick prayer for her also.  

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