Monday, June 11, 2012

June 10th Update

Things are still going well with Briley, but she is starting to develop an infection in one of her incision.  She has a total of 4 incisions, one on each side of the knees.  We've noticed that her left knee is still swollen and the inside incision appears to be infected.  We've been dousing it with hydrogen peroxide throughout the day and at night we are putting an antibiotic cream on.  We've also been keeping the braces off during the day to let it air out.  It's starting to look a little better, but we'll get her on Rx antibiotics tomorrow.  
She's been doing great with her braces off and moving her legs a good bit without pain.  Hopefully the bones are healing and she'll be able to start walking in a couple of weeks!
Before the accident, Briley played on a T-ball team.  She loved playing and had the opportunity to play only one game.  Yesterday was the closing ceremonies, so we took her up there to be with her team.  She was the center of attention when we got there.  Lot's of kids surrounded her giving their well-wishes.  It was a great sight to see!  Briley on the other hand doesn't care to much for the attention. She is shy and doesn't speak.  And it wasn't only yesterday, but anytime we are out and someone speaks to her, she shy's away.  We appreciate everyone that stops and ask about her.  
And to the grown-up that mentioned something about Briley getting lot's of attention in a rude type of way, I promise you that we would give anything for none of this to happen.  We've never asked for any of this and we've never asked for anyone to do anything.  For whatever reason, this town and beyond has pulled together and done amazing things for our Briley but there will always be the select few that will only be happy if they have something to gripe about.....
Anyway, off of my soapbox and back to the closing ceremony.  Her team wore Team Briley shirts in support.  So that was awesome!  She had a lot of pictures taken and all of the kids got a pin.  She was so proud of that pin!  I'm glad that we got to take her to be with her teammates on the field one last time this year.  I will continue to work with her & Bryson playing ball and they'll be ready to go next year!  Bryson can already knock the cover off the ball!
Alicia has a doctor's appt. tomorrow in Wichita and I've got to work, so Ms. Beba & Mrs. Wright will keep the kids until Alicia gets back.  The kids are super excited about having someone other than mom & dad at the house!  Then Gracie and her mom may stop by tomorrow.  Gracie & Briley became friends at Cooks when Briley was first diagnosed.  At that time,  Gracie was undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma.  They live in Tulsa and are driving down to Cooks for Gracie's scans tomorrow.  Please say a prayer that Gracie's scans are clear!  Then hopefully they will be able to make the trek to Seymour!  


  1. There is always that one person who has to be negative about everything! Don't let them get you down! If everyone didn't pull together they would grip because no one was doing anything. I thought it was really neat that her team wore their team briley shirts! I even teared up a little! Shes an amazing little girl, and I hope that everything heels up the way it is suppose to!

  2. I can only imagine how awesome the future Panther Baseball with Bryson and Pantherett Softball with Briley will be. Looking forward to those upcoming days!
    The Snyder's


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!