Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5th Update

No news is good news! We've just been hanging out, not doing much.  Briley is still being a little champ about being in the wheelchair.  She does not complain at all.  She's still been pain free for the most part.  Even the moves from the wheelchair to other places is less painful now.  We thank God for that.
Her Birthday is in a couple of days, on the 7th.  Alicia is coming up with games that she will be able to participate in with the other kids during her party.  Briley has been helping plan and hopefully everything will turn out well.
We got more info on the Rangers game that Cooks is sending us to.  It's actually through the Sunshine Kids Foundation.  We'll actually be down on the field during batting practice which will be cool!  We'll spend the night and maybe take in the dallas aquarium the next day.
We are missing Gloria more and more if that's possible.  There's not a day that's been by that Alicia & Jessica hasn't spent a lot of time talking to each other about their mom.  It's been rough, even on me. Her death and Briley's injuries have over shadow maw maw's death from a couple of months ago.  I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to paw paw for a long while the other night.  I'm glad I went over there and talk with him.  He is still very emotional over maw maw's death and I need to make it a point to get by there more often.  
Looking back over the past couple of years has just been hell for both sides of the family.  I know time will make things better but good gosh.  It's been taxing to say the least seeing pawpaw & mom upset over maw maw, and then Alicia, the kids, and her family over Gloria, and also dealing with Briley's injuries & cancer on top of that. 
We'll weather the storm.  The day that Briley is able to walk again will help a lot.  And she will.  We are blessed to be able to say that.  I've never asked "why us".  Rather, how can we make a positive out of everything bad that has happened?  I've said this before after Briley was first diagnosed with leukemia, how can we give back.  So much has been done for us that it's only fitting to do so.  I think we have a good start in planning the Curesearch walk in Wichita Sept. 15.  But I know more can be done........Time will tell and time will heal.  Thanks!
p.s. I will post more info on the Curesearch walk for the new readers at a later time.  

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