Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm sorry that I haven't blogged more during this treatment. I'll sum up the past 3 days now. Briley had her big day on Thursday, see post below. Since then, she has been going in to the clinic or hospital for a round of chemo. She is also taking an oral chemo for 14 straight days. She has been nauseated and some vomiting every day, especially in the mornings. Once she gets the zofran down, then she is able to eat and drink and she will play a little. You can tell she doesn't feel good at all. However, we are very thankful that she was able to start this phase of treatment. I cannot say that enough!
Her hair started to come back, but it will fall out again. I know she will be disappointed in that. Dan came and picked me up Friday so I could get back to town and set up the slide and bouncer that afternoon for the Red Springs Baptist Church. I also worked yesterday and today. Alicia and Briley will be coming home today after her treatment at the hospital. She will need to stay on nausea meds for a few days. We will go back to Ft. Worth on Thursday for another 4 day treatment, but she won't have anything done like this past Thursday. The doc said in a week or two after the next treatment that her counts will once again drop and to expect to stay in Ft. Worth for a week or two. That's fine, she will be done with the "hard" chemo at that point. The logistics of that stay will be a nightmare as that's going to be around the time school starts back up. We will cross that bridge when we get there, as we have done multiple times before.
Here is something that is awesome. I believe God can and does sometimes speak through children. But you have to listen and know when he does. We have been praying with Briley that her counts would be high enough to start treatment, but if not, her body is in God's hands and that He knows best. We have prayed weeks for this. The night before her treatment started, Alicia started praying with Briley that she would meet counts. Out of the blue, Briley said, "God just said that my counts would be high enough tomorrow". And they were. Awesome!!!!!

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Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!