Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Update

There's not a whole lot to report today. Briley had an 11:00 appointment at clinic today for more chemo. Before we left the RMH, Briley wanted all of us to wear our Texas Rangers t-shirts to clinic, so we did. We had several comments about being big ranger fans. We are and we were given an autographed CJ Wilson ranger hat! We barely missed CJ at the clinic yesterday so I guess they felt sorry for us and came up with a hat. I have pictures posted on facebook of Briley wearing the hat.
Briley was in a very good mood at clinic and played with the other kids and miss Amy, her favorite Child Life Specialist who has been with Briley since she was diagnosed. After clinic, we decided it would be a good idea to get Briley out a bit before her counts drop to the point of isolation. So we headed north on 35 to the Olive Garden for a late lunch and then over to my favorite store, Cabelas! Briley loved the aquarium and found a couple of toys to play with. Then she stoled my heart. She picked out a crankbait for her Tinker Bell fishing pole! She even picked the color I would have gotten! I was a proud daddy! Then it was the 5:00 friday traffic getting back. I'm glad we don't live here.
Anyway, she will get her chemo tomorrow at the hospital. I guess Sunday is her big day when she will get a CBC along with her chemo. Basically the CBC will decide when she will come back for isolation and also when she will need the transfusions if not needed on Sunday. We'll wait and see.

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