Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delayed Again

Briley had a 7:15 appointment this morning at the clinic. We and even the nurses were thinking that Briley would meet counts this time considering how much her ANC jumped last week. So we all agreed that her port would be accessed for the blood draw and it would save her from being poked in the arm. So that's what was done. Well...... then the cbc results came back. Her ANC was too low to start the next part. She dropped from 650 last week to 430 today. We were surprised and very disappointed by this. However, we were reassured by the doctor that this is very normal and that we will try again next week. Thankfully, we will get the cbc done at the Seymour Hospital next week before traveling all the way to Ft. Worth just to find out her counts are to low.
It's very disappointing that she didn't meet counts for a few reasons. Main reason is that we are simply ready to get through this phase. Also, it's difficult to juggle my work schedule, especially already being short handed. I'm thankful that I have some wonderful co-workers that will step up when they need to (just don't tell them I said that). Then of course all of the packing and unpacking. Gas money down there and back. Plus we've got to eat. The elks lodge in Wichita payed for the hotel last night and even though we stayed there, it seems like it was wasted since she didn't get her treatments. We appreciate them so much!
All of this could be prevented by doing a simple cbc at our hospital, which we will finally get to do next week. I know that God has a plan and there is a reason that we do not understand. Maybe He thought that Briley needed to wait another week for what ever reason. To be honest, we are doing good if this is all we have to be disappointed about. It really seems small in the big picture of things. So, we'll try again next week! At least Briley will get to ride a firetruck in the rodeo parade!

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