Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Frustrating Day

Briley went in to the Seymour Hospital this morning for blood check. Her CBC came came back with her ANC still to low to start the next round. It actually dropped again to 280. Her hemoglobin and platelets looked good.
This is extremely disappointing and frustrating. Most kids are delayed 2-3 weeks and some are delayed 4 weeks. I don't like being in the "some" category. Briley will have to wait another week.
We will definitely go back to Cooks next Thursday. If she meets counts, then shi will proceed with the treatment plan. If she doesn't meet counts, then she will have a bone marrow aspirate to determine if the leukemia has relapsed.
Her treatment has gone according to plan up to this point. Now it's one delay after another. I know most other kids are delayed in the consolidation phase and Briley was not, but this has really brought our spirits down.
Our faith will get us through. We will pray that she will meet counts next week. I really believe that the chemo has finally caught up with her and that it will take a little time to overcome it. We appreciate every one's concerns today and your continued prayers.

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  1. I hate to hear that Briley's treatment is postponed. God must feel that Briley needs another week to strengthen her body. You are in our continued prayers.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!