Friday, July 22, 2011

Great News!

We drove down to Ft. Worth yesterday afternoon for Briley's appointment this morning. I have been a nervous wreck this past week. Usually I'm laid back and never say a whole lot, but this past week got to me not knowing what Briley's counts were going to be today.
Needless to say, Briley's ANC was 1100! This was such exciting news for us that the nurses and doctors were giving us high fives! Praise the Lord! What a relief! Moving forward! Lets get it done! Yay!
After Briley's blood work came back, she went to the SPA (special procedures area) and got a lumbar puncture with chemo. I was frighten when I walked into the recovery room and saw Briley wearing an oxygen mask. I thought that this couldn't be good. However, Briley wanted to keep the mask and was smelling it when I walked in because, "it smells like bananas"! (she gets to choose a flavor of gas to put her to sleep before her procedure). We all had a good laugh!
After the procedure, we went back to the clinic for more chemo. She was finally done 11 hours after we arrived. It was a long day, but well worth it. I'm not complaining. We are very happy to start this part of the phase.
We are staying in a motel room since the RMH is full. Briley is doing good, although she is not feeling her best now. She will have chemo treatments every day until Sunday. We have got to get through the next month and then everything will become so much easier. This delay has been hard for all of us but God knows when her body is ready. We gave her up to Him when she was baptized. He will take care of her. He will guide us and provide for us. He is the Lord our God, maker of heaven and earth. His kingdom will have no end. Thank you!

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Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!