Thursday, April 5, 2012

Counts are great!

Yes, I know, it's been a while since the last post. Things have been busy between maw maw's passing and Alicia, Byson, and I have been sick with the stomach bug. We are all better now! How Briley didn't get the bug, I don't know.
Briley and I made the trek to Cooks last week while Alicia stayed in bed sick. We had to cancel her appointment a couple of weeks ago because it was scheduled on Mawmaw's funeral day. We rescheduled for last week and that gave us an opportunity to check out the brand new clinic! Outside of not being able to figure out how to navigate the new parking garage, the clinic was super nice! There is lots & lots of room! We'll get to see more of it on the 19th when we go down there for Briley's spinal tap and IV chemo treatments.
Briley's spinal tap will be a little different this time. As for different, it will be done in the clinic so that we won't have to go down to the SPA anymore. She will not be put to sleep in the clinic. They will sedate her with either nitrous oxide or versed/fentanyl. This has Alicia worried silly that Briley will be aware of her surroundings and hurt during the procedure. I'm not worried about it at all, especially with the versed & fentanyl. It's the same stuff we use on the ambulance and I know how it works.
The Curesearch walk planning is coming along nicely. We are looking for team members, other teams, sponsors, & volunteers. I know it's still months away, but we are really excited to be a part of this. I will make another post soon about the importance of raising money that will directly benefit pedi cancer research.

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Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!