Friday, April 20, 2012

New Clinic, good results!

We traveled to Fort Worth Wednesday night, met up with a buddy, and ate at Joe T. Garcia's.  Very nice atmosphere on the patio.  We actually got to the clinic on time Thursday morning (that never happens)!  We checked in and was quickly called back.  Briley's port was accessed and count checks done.  ANC - 1300, Hemoglobin - 10.7, Platelets - 110,000.  Her counts are still stable and that is great news!   She then got the vincristine chemo through her port.  After that, we had a little time before her LP.  So Ms. Amy, Briley's favorite Child Life Specialist, played with Briley basically the entire time that we were there.  She gave us a tour of the infusion room.  It was awesome!  It is BIG!  The patients have their own recliners and tv's during infusion.  There is also a separate room just for arts & crafts!  It is super nice!  If all goes according to plan, Briley will not have the chance to play in that room.  If she is in that room, that means something didn't go right.  But it's really nice and I'm excited for the other patients that are able to enjoy it.
Then it was spinal tap time.  The new sedation worked good, although it did hurt her some when the needle was stuck in her back.  She had versed before hand, so she doesn't remember a thing.  It was cool that we were able to be with her the entire time.  Alicia and Ms. Amy played the iPad with Briley during the procedure.  I sat in the chair and watched.  Just watching her go through this reminded me how serious her diagnoses is.  When things are going good, we sometimes get to relaxed and passive.  It hurt me watching the vials of spinal fluid taken out and replaced with chemo.  I want to trade places with her.   I reminded myself that she is not out of the woods yet and that she still has a long ways to go.  I am always reminded of Tatum.  We met her at her very last spinal tap.  Later that day, her parents were told that there were leukemia cells present in her spinal fluid.  She had relapsed.
I thank God for being with us and watching over Briley.  We have been extremely blessed to have things going as well as they have.  And we pray that treatment will continue on it's current path without relapse.
The LP went great and Briley felt great.  This was the best that she's ever felt after a procedure.  Normally, she would be nauseated and wouldn't eat for a couple of days.  We would grab fast food and get home as fast as we could before she got sick.  But this time she was hungry and happy!  It must have been because of the new sedation.  Briley wanted CiCi's pizza on the way home.  So that's what she got!
She slept most of the way home and she didn't feel good after she woke up.  She has to keep the big bandage on her back for 24 hours.  Bryson started rough housing with Briley after we got home.  So we showed him Briley's bandage and told him not to be rough.  He listened and wouldn't even touch her after that!  Then he wanted a bandage like her.........  That boy....
We appreciate everyone's support and would love to have continued prayers for Briley.  Thanks!

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