Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pizza & Frito Pie Party & Clinic

We arrived in Fort Worth with great anticipation of the party. With a little help from the gps and navigator Alicia, we made it to the downtown office without any problems (I get turned around in downtown pretty easy). Thankfully Bro. Terry met us downstairs and led the way up to the floor. We would have got lost just doing that! I guess it's the classic case of small town folk in the big city!
We made our way onto the floor and met lots of nice folks who were excited to have us, but especially because they were able to finally meet Briley. They all have heard how their company's foundation was going to do something special for a little kid with cancer, seen the pictures, and now finally meet her in person! We walked into the meeting room that has become, for a short time, Briley's party room! There was a big poster hanging on the wall with "Princess Briley" on it, along with pink & black cupcakes with a "B" on them. The pizza & frito pie fixings were there waiting for Miss Princess to chow down! The walls of the room were covered with dry erase board and the kids had free will to write on the walls. Bryson took advantage of the opportunity! Then a very special surprise walked into the room! Cinderella & Belle stopped in to eat with Briley. She was very excited to be able to eat with the Princesses! Bryson developed a crush on Belle. He gave her kisses and fed her pepperoni! After the meal, both kids got a bucket full of toys, which was great and kept them occupied on the ride home. We were on the 14th floor and the kids just thought that was the neatest thing and loved looking out the windows. Briley had to make sure that everyone looked out the window and saw how high up they were! We have pictures of the party on our facebook, so if you get a chance, take a look at them!
Briley had a 12:30 appointment, so we had to leave out from the party. I think the kids would have stayed there all day if they could have. Some how, I manage to find my way to Cooks without the gps, however I think I took the long way there. Briley had her port accessed, blood drawn, and port flushed. Her ANC dropped from 2,000 from the last visit down to 1,000. Although it's still a fairly good number, we would have liked to see it a little higher. She will have a cbc done at the Seymour hospital in a couple of weeks to see where her ANC is at that point. Because of the big drop, her home chemo (6mp) may have to be decreased a little bit. Once again, low counts and sick season have us a little on edge. But what can you do? Keep moving forward is what we are going to do! Briley's hemoglobin & platelets are very good and so is her mobility. Her next appointment is scheduled for Dec. 29th.
We would like to thank Bro. Terry, Mandy, Ken, & the rest of the gang at Richland Resources and the HopeWell Foundation for doing everything they have done and continue to do. They put in a lot of thought & work to make Briley's day (and ours) very special. It was good for us also to meet the folks that are doing so much for our little girl. They will never know how much we appreciate everything.


  1. Oh, what a great day! You truly have a little princess on your hands. She stopped in my room yesterday and was full of joy. I enjoyed listening to her tell me all about her Christmas decorations at home and her princess party.

  2. We are honored to know your family! We are excited to have new friends whom we can bless and make new memories with! Cheers to making lots more! -Mandy and Ken


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!