Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CBC & low counts

During Briley's last Cooks visit, her ANC dropped from 2,000 to 1,000. Because of the big drop, the doc wanted her counts checked in two weeks. Today was week 2. Briley, Bryson, and myself went up to the Seymour Hospital for blood work. Briley's anxiety about needle stick is coming back a little since she doesn't have them as often, but I was proud of her for not crying during the needle stick. She was proud too! The nurses blew up balloons for the kids to play while we were waiting for the results and they loved it! Her results came back. Hemoglobin 12.4. Platelets 151,000. ANC 322. I couldn't believe her ANC was so low. She is now neutropenic and will have to be isolated in the house until it comes back up. It really stinks since she was suppose to attend her dance class's Christmas party today and now she'll have to stay put up in the house.
The results were faxed to Cooks. They called back and said that this was normal, but they wanted us to withhold her daily (6mp) and weekly (methotrexate) chemos for a week. Although she will still take her Bactrim 3x/week to prevent a certain pneumonia.
We left the hospital and sitting in line at the drive thru waiting for lunch. Briley made a little noise. By the time I turned around to see what was going on, it was too late. She threw up everywhere. Bryson was doing his best to hide in the car seat so that he wouldn't get hit! Anyway, we got home and she got a bath. Then I had to clean the inside of the car, car seat, clothes, you get the idea.
I thank God that she is staying healthy and fever free. It is sick season now and we will take extra precautions to keep her well, especially since her ANC is that low. The nurse said her counts will fluctuate like this until the end of treatment. March 2013 can't get here fast enough! We were going to send her to Kindergarten next year, but now I'm second guessing that decision because of today's counts. Hopefully her counts will stabilize by then once the right dosing is figured out.

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