Friday, December 30, 2011

Counts are Up!

Briley had her monthly scheduled appointment yesterday at Cooks for CBC, port flush, and doc visit. She has been neutropenic for the past couple of weeks, so we have been withholding her chemo & bactrim. Because of that, we were anxious to see what her ANC would be. To our relief, her ANC was 1950! This is an extremelly good number! Much better than the 300-400 she's been at the past couple of weeks. She's been battling a sinus infection lately that could have helped boost her ANC up that high. Her hemoglobin & platelet counts looked great also! The doc decreased her nightly chemo dosing in hopes that her ANC won't drop like they did. But they will still fluctuate so she'll have a couple of CBC's done for the next couple of weeks to she what her ANC is doing.
She started back on her chemos last night. Here we go again, but she is moving forward. She is doing great, feeling good, active, eating well, and her hair is coming back nicely. She has just enough hair to clip a bow in!
She asked aunt Jessica want she wanted for Christmas. Jessica replied, "I would like some money"! Briley responded, "don't you want a cure for cancer"? That's all we can hope and pray for. Maybe one day.....
Her next appointment is scheduled for the end of January. She will start the 2nd cycle at that time. It will be another spinal tap day, vincristine through the port, and another 5 day round of steroids. We are thankful that she will only go through the vincrstine/steroid pulses once every 3 months and not once/month per standard protocol. We appreciate everyone's continued prayers!

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  1. Yeah! Praise the LOrd. Glad to see you received good reports!

    Thinking of you!

    Happy New Year!
    The Snyder's
    Jeanne' and Gary


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!