Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to Fort Worth Tomorrow

We have finally settled into the maintenance routine and Briley is doing pretty good. She takes chemo every night. The chemo needs to be taken on an empty stomach, so we have gotten into a bad habit of setting our alarms and getting up at 1:00 in the morning and giving her the chemo. Whatever works I guess.
She has some nausea with the chemo. Some days are better than others. The last two times that we've tried to eat at a restaurant with Briley, she started getting sick and we had to leave without eating. I don't know if it's the smells or what causes the nausea to come on at the restaurants.
She also got sick and threw up during our Thanksgiving meal at Craig & Briana's house, but she was fine afterwards and finished her meal. At that point, I realized even more how much I hate cancer and the chemo. Even seeing maw maw there not able to cook Thanksgiving lunch for the first time that I can remember because of her cancer and the chemo side effects just makes me sick.
However, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful for the almighty Lord for that we see His works with Briley. We are also thankful for the wonderful support & prayers from family and friends. And we are also thankful for the great doctors, nurses, & child life specialist at Cooks.
Other than my small complaints, Briley is doing very good! Sick season is upon us and she is still not out of the woods yet. Any fever above 101.5 will be an automatic week stay at Cooks. So far, so good. We are keeping her and Bryson as isolated as possible, but still allowing them to do a few activities here and there. Briley goes to dance class once/week. Bryson goes to tumbling once/week. They both go to "Church School" and of course to mass on the weekends. I'm thankful for my job that allows me to stay home with them most days of the week and I'm thankful that Nana is able to keep the kids on my work days. However, I need to dust off the treadmill and lose this weight I've gained from sitting around the house with the kids!
We will go to Fort Worth tomorrow for the pizza party at Richland Resources and then to clinic. Briley will have her port accessed, blood drawn, port flush, and a visit with the doctor. I will update hopefully tomorrow night and let y'all know how things went. Thanks!

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