Monday, January 9, 2012

Just moving along

There's not just a whole lot new to report. Briley had a CBC done last week and her ANC is still hovering around 2,000. She's had a bad cough and runny nose for the past week, but thankfully no fever. She will have another CBC done this Thursday to see how her bone marrow is responding since restarting the chemo. Her next appointment is scheduled for the 26th of this month. She will have a LP with chemo, vincristine at clinic and start the 5 days of steroids (joy). Hopefully her counts will stabilize with this new chemo dosing.
It's hard to believe it's been a almost a year since she was diagnosed (seems longer). I plan to make a post in the next few days reflecting on this past year and how much our lives have changed.
P.S. This is a picture from this past October. I was trying to figure out how to post pictures. I'll put a more recent one up soon. She has much more hair now!

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