Friday, November 4, 2011

Good counts, not so good side effects

Briley has not been feeling well in the mornings since the start of maintenance. We don't know if it's been from the chemo, steroids, or a combination of both. She's been a little nauseated and constantly wanted to be held. By the afternoons, she seems to do better and she will start playing. Anyway, we left out for Cooks yesterday morning for a scheduled appointment for blood work and doctor's visit. Briley was nauseated when we left and no more than we were about to leave town, she threw up. A quick u-turn back to the house for a clothes change and we were on our way. Bryson came along with us this time and stayed entertained with Thomas-the-Train dvd's.
The clinic visit went very well. Briley's ANC was 4600! This is by far the highest that it's ever been, but part of it is due from the steroids giving it a little boost and maybe another boost from a bug. Come to find out, Briley is sensitive to the home chemo (6mp) so that may be the reason for not feeling good in the mornings. The doctor wants her to have a CBC done in Seymour next Thursday to check counts after the steroids are out of her system and then maybe decrease the amount of daily chemo. Oh-yeah, she gained 3 lbs during the week she was on steroids! I'm glad that's over for a while.
While we were there, I met Josh. He is 19 years old with a rare form of bone cancer that could be terminal. Cooks sent him on "Hunt of a Lifetime". He went elk hunting in Oregon with a fellow that has a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. Josh was uncertain when he's hunt will air so I told him that I will follow along with his caring bridge page and will be looking forward to watching his hunt. Please say an extra prayer for Josh.
Briley's next appointment will be on the 29th. I'll post more before then. Thanks.

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